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The Event “I Haven’t Told You Everything” 

Photo Credit: NBC

I saw this two weeks ago at the Paley Center’s Fall TV Preview event and I loved it up until the last minute or so. Yeah, when “the event” happened. I had no trouble with the time shifts – they all made sense to me – and I thought it was easy to follow. I like where these converging storylines are heading and I’m very invested in what happens to Jason Ritter’s Sean Walker. But I was thrown by the disappearing plane. Not thrown (or disappointed) enough to stop watching but I just didn’t love that part. I am intrigued and curious about what the event is and why it happened to keep watching. It had better be good though. I’m still in deep mourning for Lost but I’m ready for another twisty sci-fi tinged show. I’m willing to be somewhat patient with this premise and I don’t need all the answers right away. I’d like them before the end of the season but this is intriguing enough for me to stick around.

So just want did happen last night? Some murder, some kidnapping, a little bit of plane hijacking. I can honestly say I was on the edge of my seat for most of the episode. I’m wondering what’s going on, who Laura Innes’s Sophia is, why Zeljko Ivanek’s Blake Sterling wants to keep secrets from the President of the United States, and if Sean Walker will ever get the chance to propose to his girlfriend.

What did you think? Is this appointment television? Will you be back next week (and every week after) to find out more about the event?

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