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Deja View: Lisa Tucker, Greta Martin, The Vampire Diaries “Klaus” 

Lisa Tucker

As soon as I saw Lisa Tucker‘s name in the credits, I was excited. She’s a former American Idol contestant. She was in Season 5, the year Taylor Hicks won. I used to watch Idol back then so I definitely remember her. She was actually my favorite, even though she was merely a 16-year-old. I remember thinking she had talent but, unfortunately, she was eliminated pretty quickly. I’m pretty sure she just made the American Idol tour that year, having finished 10th. I was kind of devastated (I was way into Idol back then, sue me) because in my opinion, she was voted off way too early. However, I hoped she could parlay her Idol stint into something more. I always felt she could do more than just music; that she could definitely do the acting thing. So far, she’s guest-starred on a few episodes of The Game and Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101. I really thought Disney Channel would have snapped her up; but The Vampire Diaries is a much better gig, don’t you think?  
Tucker’s playing Greta Martin, Klaus’ go-to witch; Jonas’ missing daughter and Luka’s sister. I can only imagine how she’s going to react to learning her dad and brother are dead. She’s not going to be happy with the Mystic Falls folks, specifically Damon and Bonnie. She didn’t have much to say in “Klaus,” but she was integral in getting Klaus back into his body. I look forward to seeing Tucker on The Vampire Diaries and much, much more.

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