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House “Now What” 

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Three people enter unchartered territory tonight: House, Cuddy, and 13.

I actually like it when this show focuses more on relationships and less on the medical mystery of the week. Even though I often love going along for the ride as House and his team try to figure out what’s killing someone, I think these characters are fascinating and I always like discovering more about them. Tonight, we get a real look into House and Cuddy and it’s going to be a very bumpy ride. These two people have incredible amounts of baggage. We all know how damaged House is. Cuddy says she isn’t going to try to change him and I want to believe her. I also want to believe House is capable of stopping (or at least cutting back) his bad behavior to put someone he loves first.

Back at the hospital, the team is trying to come up with a case they think will intrigue House. You know House; he needs his puzzle. But when House doesn’t show up, they are tasked with making sure there’s a neurosurgeon on the premises to keep their ER open. Eventually, the team realizes that the only available neurosurgeon – Dr. Richardson – is this week’s patient. Even though he’s been presenting flu-like symptoms, that isn’t what he has.

13 seems particularly callous tonight. She just doesn’t care what’s wrong with the doctor. She wants to get him fixed enough to get back to the hospital and back to work. By the end of the episode we know why she was acting that way. She disappears just before her going-away party much to the surprise of Foreman, Chase, and Taub. They all assumed she was going to Rome to participate in a Huntington’s trial but that’s not the case. Foreman discovers she isn’t enrolled in the trial and he tells the team she’s cut off all communication.

I think they should give her this time to come to terms with her disease or to do work though whatever she’s working through on her own. It’s really none of their business how she deals with it. But I can’t wait to have her back and find out how she used her time away. And I like this explanation for Olivia Wilde’s absence. If you didn’t know, she’s off making movies. Good for her. I’m very excited to meet 13’s temporary replacement Amber Tamblyn. She’s a phenomenal actress and I’m excited about the dynamic she’ll bring to the team.

But back to House and Cuddy. Will they analyze this thing to death? Cuddy is so reluctant to talk about it and even goes so far as to hide in the closet when Wilson sneaks into House’s apartment. They each think the other isn’t ready to be in this relationship or that they’re not ready to go public. When House says it’s over before it really even has the chance to go anywhere, they are finally totally honest and vulnerable with each other. It’s surprising and nice to see House admit that he loves her. I’m so hopeful about this relationship but when House is happy it causes problems. And it’s unclear whether or not Cuddy will make time for this relationship. She called off her engagement but when House wants to take her to Normandy, it doesn’t seem like she can fit him into her schedule.

If there are any Huddy haters out there I don’t want to hear it. Well, I’ll hear it but I won’t agree with it. Well, I probably won’t agree with it. This relationship has been a long time in coming and I’m going to enjoy every second of it until it explodes in their faces. Hey, I’m a realist.


Why did Chase ask 13 to have sex with him? Is he really that desperate? I just don’t know if I believe his character would do something like that, especially when she has history with Foreman.

Some laugh-out-loud funny moments: House trying to open the champagne bottle with a sword; Wilson getting stuck in the window as he tries to sneak into House’s apartment; Dr. Richardson hugging the toilet bowl and later taking his clothes off.

The previews for upcoming episodes were awesome. I can’t wait for the rest of the season.

Thoughts on Huddy.

Check this out to see who will be playing Cuddy’s mother later this season.


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