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Superheroes on TV: Self Sacrifice 

This week’s Superheroes on TV sees that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow has found some humanity, Supergirl learns the difference between obligation and love, and The Flash makes the ultimate sacrifice. It’s as if my complaints about collateral damage were addressed! For those of us keeping count, it has taken 12…


Superheroes on TV: Collateral Damage 

Stop the bad guy, save the world. It’s the single most recurring theme in entertainment; from literature, to movies, and especially comics. But at what cost does putting down the villain become an acceptable number? This week, our Superheroes on TV column focuses on collateral damage and how large a…


Superheroes on TV: Teamwork 

Superheroes are just like us! They deal with unrequited love, have bouts of over-inflated ego, and go through growing pains. The last one is especially detrimental if they don’t have a good team at their back. This week’s Superheroes on TV column covers teamwork — who’s doing it well and…