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Previewing Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home 

Previewing Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Amanda Schull makes her Mystery Wheel debut Friday night with the potential Hallmark Mystery franchise, Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home. Starring alongside Brendan Penny and a host of familiar #CdnTV faces, she plays Dr. Rachel Hunt, who runs the titular family practice in her small town when the unexpected death of Ross (Greg Kean), a patient with a clean bill of health, sets her on an investigative path.

Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home

A former Army surgeon and forensics specialist, her curiosity is piqued by the sudden loss of one of her favorite patients. Thanks to a connect from her dad, Rick (Gerard Plunkett), with whom she lives alongside her twin teenagers, Chloe (Isla Crerar) and Matthew (Jett Klyne), Rachel finds an ally in a local detective. Jack (Penny) is hard-pressed to believe his sleepy little town has a murderer running around, but following an initial meet-cute between the two that precedes their formal introduction, he’s not unhappy to spend time with her.

While he works the proper channels, she builds an informal investigation of her own, with an assist from the local editor, Avery (Ian Collins), who worked for Ross. She runs down her own clues, and once she finally proves that Ross was actually murdered, Jack joins forces with her to find out who’s responsible.

Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home

In the background, we spend a little time with her family as Chloe and Matthew navigate the caste system drama of high school while Rick and office manager, Melody (Sunita Prasad), offer counsel on the emotional component of coming back home after the loss of her husband two years earlier. And there’s a very cute dog added for good measure when she agrees to foster him while his human, David (Reese Alexander), recovers in he hospital.

It’s a solid pilot, if that’s what it ends up being, and I’m so glad that Schull might get a shot at doing these. Rachel is a terrifically layered character, and I like that her vibe right out of the gate with Jack is friendly. Because of her background, she’s taken seriously for her intuition and insight. It’s a great role for Penny, too. More of these, please.

Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home

Look for familiar Hallmarkies Christopher Shyer, Kendall Cross, Linda Ko, and Benjamin Wilkinson as potential suspects and allies. Michael Robison directs a script by Law & Order alumni Barry Schkolnick (his first Hallmark project!).

Family Practice Mysteries: Coming Home is streaming now on Hallmark Movies Now and premieres linearly Friday night at 9 pm/8c on Hallmark Mystery and streaming on various outlets in the U.S. and on W Network in Canada. Here are a couple of sneak peeks.

Photos courtesy of Allister Foster/Hallmark Media; videos courtesy of Hallmark Media.

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