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Marcus Rosner Previews An Ice Palace Romance 

Marcus Rosner Previews An Ice Palace Romance

If there’s a contest for King of Holiday TV Movies for 2023, it might have to be actor Marcus Rosner, who’s making multiple appearances in these fun seasonal flicks. His characters are falling in love everywhere — on Hallmark and beyond.

Where You Can Find Him 

With so many holiday movies under his belt this year, it’s a good thing Rosner enjoys making them. “I love the process of making them, to be honest, more than anything,” he reveals. “I mean, [there’s] all the obvious factors like the cheer and the good vibes and it’s the happiest time of the year. And if you can make a piece of art that celebrates that, then why not?”

  • In Flipping for Christmas, Rosner plays a contractor helping Ashley Newbrough’s character renovate a house before Christmas. Wynonna Earp’s Katherine Burrell stepped behind the camera to direct the movie. “Kat was so prepared with all of her shots that she wanted. She would find such an intimate and honest approach to performing them because she is an actor/director and so I really loved and appreciated that.” (Hallmark Channel)
  • Rosner, in tandem with his production company — Northern Gateway Films — are responsible for Coupled Up for Christmas. The tried and true crux of this story happens when his character and a complete stranger (Sara Canning) devise a scheme to get their exes back. They do this by pretending to date and by doing Christmassy things. (Streaming on Paramount+)

An Ice Palace Romance

And then there’s An Ice Palace Romance, which is currently streaming on Hallmark Movies Now. In this one, the actor/producer plays Mark, the owner of a rundown ice rink that’s on the brink of closing. The Ice Palace is a place that sparks extreme feelings of nostalgia (for some) and is linked to a reporter’s (Celeste Desjardins) past as a competitive ice skater. 

“It’s everything you want in a Christmas movie,” Rosner explains. “It kind of revolves around a very wintry Christmas setting, which is the Ice Palace. Overall, it just has great performances, great holiday cheer, and all the pieces you want.” 

Filmed in his hometown of Ottawa, Ontario, Rosner loved playing a guy laser focused on saving his family’s ice rink. Even though he has to attempt to hurdle some mighty obstacles in his way. He also loved the skating aspect of the movie. 

“I grew up as a Canadian youth and so skating was akin to walking. So I’ve been skating my whole life,” Rosner reveals. “[However] I haven’t been on skates in many years and so I actually bought some skates in advance and did some laps and I had a recent leg surgery that I was a little afraid might hinder me, but nope it was like riding a bike. It came back pretty easily.”  

Another great aspect of working on An Ice Palace Romance is his co-star, Celeste Desjardins. Turns out, she’s an actress he’s been wanting to work with for a while. “She’s kind of an adopted Edmontonian, which is my hometown and the town I spend half a year in with my production company,” he said. “I was trying to look for a project that I could hire her on and then this great film came along and cast us both out in Ottawa for this one. 

She’s dating one of the Edmonton Oilers,”  he continues. “And she was on my radar for a couple years as someone who does similar kinds of projects. So I thought it was a great way to get to know somebody in a shared space.”

In Ice Palace, Rosner’s character isn’t just an owner, he’s a single dad. Off-screen, who plays Mark’s daughter Zoe, gave him a note saying he made a great “fake dad.” While hearing that “always makes him feel old, he really appreciated it. I don’t have kids yet, but I’m sure I will someday. When I play a dad I’m always uncertain how to interact with the kids. I always try to watch them with their parents between takes and sort of emulate what I see them doing.” 

Wearing his Producer Hat

With projects like Coupled up for Christmas, Rosner and Northern Gateway Films make it their mission to bring productions to Canadian cities like Ottawa and Edmonton. “At this point in my career, it means everything to give local performers opportunities, local crew opportunities,” he says. “To work alongside people I consider family, people that are actual family and it’s just a nice way to spend a life, a career.

It heartwarming to learn he also feels like family when they make their movies. “My wife works on them with us. My partner Dylan Pierce who directs all our movies — his wife is one of our producers as well. And so I think that that familial approach sort of bleeds onto the screen and you feel that comfort and the ease with which everyone is doing their job.”

An Ice Palace Romance starts streaming today on Hallmark Movies Now.

Photos Courtesy: Hallmark Media, Vortex Media, Albert Camicioli

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