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Scott McCord and Elizabeth Saunders Talk the From Season 2 finale 

Scott McCord and Elizabeth Saunders Talk the From Season 2 finale

[Warning: Spoilers for the season finale.]

How’s everyone doing after that finale? While we wait and wonder and hope for a third season announcement, soon, here’s what Scott McCord and Elizabeth Saunders had to say about their parts of the finale, and where they hope they get to go next.

In a huge leap of faith for Victor to both help Tabitha and know that in doing so, he might not see her again, he guides her to the bottle tree — and gifts her his most beloved belonging, his lunch box, full of snacks for the journey.

From Season 2

“It was another moment that I remember reading and just going, ‘Oh, man, this is [huge for Victor], you know. To me, it was all about love in that moment, and his own mother. Because that lunchbox came from somewhere originally,” McCord shares.

“I will point out the props team on that. All the design elements of the show are so good. And I don’t know how well you can see in that box, but they did such great little intricate details, and then we collaborate sometimes on certain things. I think there’s an egg in there with the thermos and some other stuff.”

So, what’s next for Victor, and that evolving relationship with the Matthews family once Tabitha doesn’t return home (at least for now, I presume), with Victor being the one who took her to the woods? “I’ve been thinking about the ramifications of all of this, with Jim, with the family, and whatever else, even though they’ve committed to this,” McCord says.

From Season 2

“Victor is still such an enigma in that place and also, at least in Jim’s eyes, not trustworthy in many ways, to go back to the guy who took his kid out in the woods. And so it will be interesting to see what that is for Victor. I’m interested to see where this train is going, in terms of his connections and getting more ingrained.”

“I think one of the most monumental scenes of the season was the scene in the bedroom where Tabitha got Victor to commit to taking her to [the car graveyard]. And going into the fear. And I think that that’s where I’m interested to see what happens with Victor in the next season, how he changes. Is he gonna follow through with this purpose, or is he gonna regress … maybe go back in his room and hide and draw and not contribute?”

From Season 2

Saunders got to participate in the wedding scene for Ellis and Fatima, and says she wasn’t aware of how that would play onscreen with the heightened tension of Reggie looming somewhere in the background. “The way Jack shot it, I [didn’t] know that. So we played it for real, as though there isn’t a potential other consequence, other than the things that we already know could happen,” she says.

“It was a joy to get to go into that place and do that [scene] after everything that’s going on. We were right near the end of the season, and near the end of the shoot, too, and people are starting to need those moments just because we’re all away from home.”

Saunders loved the range she got to play as Donna this season, and bringing Donna along for multiple threaded storylines. Looking ahead to a possible third season, she hopes for more of that. “I would love to see her participation in the pregnancy and the coming baby and how that plays out. I’m hoping Donna will be involved,” she shares.

From Season 2

“I would love to just keep that stuff going. I would love to see an even more complex relationship with Randall. I love our sparring. I love it. But I would love to see that we try to make something work. I would love to build even more stuff with Boyd.”

“I would love to see Donna put in a position outside of Colony House. She hasn’t had a lot of direct monster stuff since her sister. She’s been stopping it all. I would like to do that, but still make it out the other side.”

Next up, if you’re in Toronto, you can catch a mini From reunion at the Female Eye Film Festival in July when Saunders and Pegah Ghafoori co-star in the short film, Smoke Break. “It’s a short film that myself and another friend produced. She wrote and directed it and we produced it together and I brought Peg on board,” she explains. “It’s a rather poignant meeting of a biological mother who’s got some mental health challenges connecting with her birth daughter.”

You’ll also be able to catch her on the big screen at some point in the just-wrapped David Cronenberg feature film, The Shrouds. “I had a few days on it and it was amazing,” she says. “He is a treasure, both as an artist, but also my experience with him was blissful. He’s a lovely, lovely man.”

All episodes of Season 1 and Season 2 of From are available on MGM+ online and via the app and on Prime Video. In Canada, you can stream them on Paramount+ via Prime Video subscription channels. If you missed any of our conversations for Season 1 and Season 2, they’re all here.

Thank you for joining us for Season 2! As soon as we hear anything on a renewal, we’ll share it here and on our socials. 

Photos courtesy of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

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