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Relationship Recap: The evolution of Tina and Alex (so far), Togetherness “Insanity” 

Photo Credit: HBO/Melissa Moseley
Photo Credit: HBO/Melissa Moseley

My favorite part of Togetherness (so far), has to be the evolving relationship between Tina and Alex. I mean, I’m enjoying everything but I really love the strange thing going on between Tina and Alex. Before tonight’s episode I would’ve called it a friendship, but after watching “Insanity,” it’s clearly something more. Why do I like these two so much? Let’s take a closer look.

Photo Credit: HBO/Jaimie Trueblood
Photo Credit: HBO/Jaimie Trueblood

“Family Day”

Alex has just been evicted from his apartment. An out-of-work actor so far down on his luck, Alex seems to have given up. He’s balding. He’s fat. He’s depressed. He’s ready to leave LA, but Brett convinces him to stay at least for the day. Tina, Michelle’s sister, isn’t having a great day either. Her “boyfriend” breaks up with her and later that night she spots him out on a date with another woman. The confrontation is not pretty, but Alex swoops in and saves the day. He gets Tina out of there and together they exact a little revenge on the ex.

I love that Alex helped get Tina out of an ugly situation, with her dignity kind of intact. She was making a scene and Alex decided to intervene. I loved the way he made her feel better and the bonding session after. I saw it as the start of a beautiful friendship.

Photo Credit: HBO/Melissa Moseley
Photo Credit: HBO/Melissa Moseley


Alex is too fat to play a leading man and not fat enough to be the chubby best friend — at least, according to his agent. So when Alex and Tina are out of the house with the kids giving Brett and Michelle some private time, Tina decides she’s going to help Alex. She’s going to whip him into shape. Part of that motivation includes Tina flashing Alex her boobs. That’s more about getting Alex out of bed to help her with her business, but she knows what she’s doing. She knows she needs to motivate Alex in an unconventional way. And the way they argue about the length of exposure is great.

Did I mention how much I enjoy these two together? They’re funny and strange.

Photo Credit: HBO/Melissa Moseley
Photo Credit: HBO/Melissa Moseley


Their first training session doesn’t really go all that well. Tina’s obviously in great shape, Alex not so much. He’s trying though. I will absolutely give him points for that. So when Brett gets invited to a premiere, Tina wants to go so Alex can show off his new physique and maybe do some industry networking. And also, it’s a party.

Tina manages to get him on the carpet and into the event without a ticket, which is pretty impressive. She even manages to get him next to Peter Gallagher‘s Larry, a producer Alex greatly admires. The problem? Alex is so embarrassingly awkward and not once, but twice. Alex eventually makes a good impression when he relaxes enough. The other problem? Tina decides to go home with Larry. Alex is clearly uncomfortable. He didn’t realize he was developing feelings for her and now he feels like an idiot. But Brett, ever the good best friend, does an excellent job of cheering him up.

So, what’s next for Alex and Tina? At the very least, they’re friends. Alex now understands that Tina doesn’t see him as anything more than a friend. But is that how Tina really feels? Are they just friends? If you watched the preview for the next episode, you know it’s not a simple answer. However this relationship continues to evolve, I’m all in. I want to see where this goes.

Togetherness is on hiatus next week, but returns Sunday, February 8th at 9:30/8:30c on HBO.

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