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Justified Preview: “Cash Game” 

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX
Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

So, I completely missed that Justified was starting last week. If I’d been on the ball, here’s what I would have said in my season premiere preview about wrapping up the show after six seasons. Pretend it’s last week. (If you’re looking for a full recap, Kara has you covered here.)

Here at TV Goodness, we’ve been down with Raylan Givens since the jump, and it’s hard to believe they’re closing that door after six seasons. I am hopeful we’ll see him again (feature film/limited series) but nobody’s promising us anything yet. I have loved Timothy Olyphant carrying Raylan’s swagger and don’t give a sh-t bravado. I have loved the insane crazy shenanigans of Boyd Crowder and his crew. I’m so glad that whatever transpired during filming of the pilot, they realized Walton Goggins had to stay.

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX
Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX

Last week, we dove in with Ava as a mole, and we saw her struggling–liquor for breakfast and eating cigarettes while trying not to tip her hat to Boyd to that she’s working for Raylan. It’s so great to see her have something to do this season, although I’d like to see Joelle Carter not have to play fear for a while. I much prefer her a badass. I’m happy to say, with tomorrow’s new episode, she’s rediscovering her backbone.

Justified has always been supremely masterful at keeping you on the edge of queasy. When I described the show to a friend, I told her it was balls-out crazy town, wickedly funny, and at times, people get shot in the head mid-conversation. And that was before Dewey made his exit last week.

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX
Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX

With the addition of the supremely effectively creepy Garret Dillahunt, I think it’s safe to say I’m going to be full-out nauseous this season. In a good way. In “Cash Game,” airing Tuesday night, we get a little more of a bead on what he’s up to, strutting around Harlan and offering cash for land. We also learn a little more about that bank robbery, and it’s Ava who finally clears it up for Boyd about the “what” inside the boxes when Katherine and Wynn are less than forthcoming.

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX
Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FX

As we’re winding down, I’m acutely aware of the “lasts,” and each scene where we get character and cast pairings is just golden. We’re two-for-two on Raylan and Tim partnered together (LOVE them) and shooting the sh-t. Here’s what else to look for:

  • New (and very welcome) guest star arrivals from Sam Elliott and Scott Grimes.
  • Ava gets a clearer picture of whose pawn she is and isn’t.
  • Katherine lets her hair down and gets some professional advice.
  • Ty’s true nature is emerging.
  • Raylan and Boyd have a chat.
  • Tim makes a couple of new friends.

Justified airs Tuesday at 10/9c on FX. Here’s a sneak peek.

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  1. NeverBeen2Harlen

    I love Gutterson’s chat with Choo Choo and Seabass. Is Tim losing his composure and cracking up about Choo Choo’s manner of speech, when the camera cuts back to him and Tim says “He said he likes Harlan, he likes the hills” and Choo Choo comes back with the almost closed mouth response, “I do. I like the hills.”?

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