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A Dark and Downright Demonic finale, Supernatural “Do You Believe in Miracles?” 

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

I think I need some time to recover from the latest Supernatural season finale. 

Just for the record, “Devil’s Trap” is the pinnacle of all SPN finales for me. From beginning to end, that episode was on point. It delivered everything I needed. Every season ender that followed was good but I never felt the same “Devil’s Trap”-type elation. 

Moments and scenes came close (especially Dean in hell from season 3 and Sam sacrificing himself in season five), but there was always something about the big picture elements that didn’t quite connect with me. This one did. I’m not coherent enough to make a sound judgment as to whether it’s better than “Devil’s Trap,” however. If I was forced to make one I’d say Eric Kripke’s presence behind the scenes still gives that one a slight edge. That’s the story I’m sticking to for now.

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

After watching “Do You Believe in Miracles?” I have decided that I do believe in them. Because guess what guys? We got some great POV from Sam. You know Sam Winchester, right? The guy Gadreel inhabited for what seemed like forever this past season? I’m not of the mindset that Sam’s opinion and feelings were completely back burnered. I think we did get some. But not enough. Needless to say, I was satisfied with his scenes in this episode. He got his point across. And he was there for his brother. And the shades of season two in this episode were great. I think Jeremy Carver must have rewatched “All Hell Breaks Loose Parts I and II” before writing the script.

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

OK. We didn’t get much in the way of quality Dean and Cas scenes. This time, I didn’t care. Because it was Team Free Will versus Metatron. Everyone had their part. And as the ego-driven puppet master pointed out, for Cas, it all came down to saving one human. And that’s Dean. He would have done the same for Sam, too. These guys are a package deal.

And it was definitely clear Dean was changing. He wasn’t hungry. That’s a big tell right there. No double cheeseburger for him. His anger was out of control. He was coughing up blood. His need to kill was getting the best of him.

I’m not going to lie. I do hate that Cas healed Gadreel only for the most misunderstood angel in heaven to sacrifice himself for the cause. Why must shows kill off their best guest stars? Why? Why? It’s so frustrating. I loved Tahmoh being a part of the Supernatural universe.

I have to give kudos to Jeremy Carver’s dialogue. He wrote some real heartbreaking stuff. But on the other side of the spectrum, he wrote some hilarious stuff. The People’s Choice joke was killer. One of my favorite jokes all season. I had to hit pause so I could continue to laugh without being in danger of missing anything good. That was an unexpectedly amazing joke. Good on you, Carver.

I also want to give kudos to the actors. Carver wrote the crackling good dialogue. But those guys brought it to life. They all nailed their lines, especially the more humorous ones. I just kept thinking about how unreal these guys are. Carver tees up the words and sentences and the actors [Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark, Curtis and Tahmoh] just hit it out of the park. One after the other.

This season has been sort of hit and miss for me. It’s always more hit than miss because I love this show a lot. But I definitely didn’t feel as inspired to write about it. But damn if I’m not typing up a storm right now. And now I’m left with the fact that we are going to have to wait a long, long time to find out about Demon Dean. More on that last shot in just a bit.

It’s time to give thanks to all that was right about “Do You Believe in Miracles.”

The Music 

“Carry on Wayward Son” — the classic rock recap once again kicked things off magnificently. And I love this show for continuing to break out the Kansas tune in each finale. It’s truly the unofficial (I say official) theme song for Supernatural.

“Americana” aka Music Cue of Doom — 


This song is on the Supernatural soundtrack. It played in “Devil’s Trap” and “AHBL I” and many other episodes. And whenever you hear it you know something emotional is going on. Usually it’s one of the brothers dying. So when this music cue of doom serenaded the boys while a badly hurt Dean told Sam “I am proud of us” and then he collapsed, it may have brought a tear to my eye. That song is designed to bring tears to eyes, people. It’s an unfair weapon this show has in its well-stocked arsenal.

“Can’t Find My Way Home” —Dean is “dead.” Sam starts drinking but then he goes to summon Crowley, probably to make a deal. The first time I believe we heard this song was in season one’s “Route 666.” But back then the show used the Blind Faith version. They went with the Eric Clapton version this time around. I LOVE THIS SONG. And since what was going on at the end of “DYBIM” gave me flashbacks to the early years, this tune was totally welcome. And, yes, it’s also a song that makes me want to cry.

The Early Season Flashbacks

I don’t mean that there were actual flashbacks. There weren’t. But the early seasons were all over this finale. Yet roles were reversed. I half expected to see Sam looking up at the sky to pray to God or Cas. 

-Sam and Cas lock Dean up. I mean, seasons four – six anyone? Sam kept getting locked up in Bobby’s panic room. They’re not at Bobby’s anymore. They are in the MoL bunker. And instead of Cas letting Sam out, it’s Crowley who gets to do the honors with Dean.

-Crowley mentions “bad taco” to Dean. Now all I can think about is season three’s “Mystery Spot.”

-Sam comes to the realization that Dean’s the best shot to get Metatron. Just like Dean had to let go while Sam became Lucifer’s meat suit in season five.

-Sam asking Dean, “You good?” How many times in earlier seasons (not to mention earlier this season) has Dean asked that of Sam? The other variation of this is, “You okay?”

-Sam watches as Metatron stabs Dean. It’s so reminiscent of season two when Dean watched Jake kill Sam. This time Bobby’s not around, however.

-Sam doesn’t give Dean a hunter’s funeral. Dean’s laying still on a bed in the bunker. Season two.

-Sam is the one that’s drinking. And just like in “AHBL II,” Sam tries to summon a Demon (Crowley). It doesn’t work. Sam never has any luck trying to strike a deal to save his brother, does he? I’m actually thankful for that.

-Dean opens his eyes and they are black. I can’t help thinking about “Dream a Little Dream of Me” from season three. I might have to go watch those seamless Dean vs. Demon Dean scenes again. They were so brilliantly done on all levels. That might be how I spend what’s going to be such a painful hellatus.

The Brotherly Moments of Goodness

-We hear about things from Sam’s perspective:

Sam: “I just thought you might like to know that while you two have been playing, uh, odd couple, your real friends like Cas…like the angel that you stabbed — Gadreel — they’re out there right now risking their asses to help you win this fight.”

-And it’s Sam’s turn to accept Dean’s choice. Dean’s going to take his shot at Metatron. Damn the consequences:

Dean: “I’m gonna take my shot. For better or worse.”
Sam: “I know.”
Dean: “No matter the consequences.”
Sam: “I know. But if this is it, we’re gonna do it together.”

-The “we’re gonna do it together” part is a nice sentiment. But Dean’s not about sentiment right now. I don’t think Sam particularly likes enabling Dean but he hands him the First Blade anyway. And what does Dean do? He knocks Sam out and goes it alone. Big brother can’t stop trying to protect little brother. But also, he probably doesn’t want anything standing in the way of him and Metatron. Does he sense his goose is cooked at this point? I’m not sure. Oh Dean.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

-One of the things that broke me in this episode: right after Metatron stabbed Dean. Dean looked over to Sam. That look was simply heartbreaking. And it really showcased, at least for me, how the brothers still have the chemistry they’ve always had. I wish they had let that scene linger for a bit before cutting to break.

Demon Dean

I’m not going to say this was an unexpected result. Everything seemed to be leading to this. So as predictable as it was, I am totally okay with it. Because this is what I wanted. The moment was still a bit shocking, however. Because the whole time, I was doubting that the show would go there. But they went there.

We knew Dean was going to have to pay some pretty big consequences for taking on the Mark with such little regard for what it was going to do to him or his life. Is next season going to be Team Sam/Cas vs. Team Dean/Crowley? I can honestly say I have no idea what next season’s going to be like. And that’s exciting to me.

Random Thoughts and Questions

-Curtis Armstrong gives the best facial expressions. Although so does Tahmoh Penikett.

Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW
Photo Credit: Jack Rowand/The CW

-The Dean/Metatron scenes were excellent and brutal. And sad.

-Love that Cas found the angel tablet and destroyed it. And the way he set up Metatron was glorious.

-Why does Metatron get to live? And great characters like Gadreel, Tessa, Magnus and Abaddon all had to die? Let’s hope he’s there to eventually let Cas know how to get his grace back.

-Crowley survived another season. YAY! A little sliver of me never thought it was going to happen.

-Sam is going to have to save Dean next season. This needs to happen. Just not right away.

-What kind of Dean are we going to get in season ten? Did Crowley want a Winchester right by his side? Does he want Dean to take over for him? The Dean/Crowley bromance just went to the next dark and twisted level.

-How is Cas going to get his grace back? He starts the season as a human and he ends it reaffirming his commitment to being an angel. But something is going to need to give. Is his grace gone forever? What did Metatron do with it? 

– I love that #SUPERNATURALFINALE was basically trending all night. It trended right before I watched it on the West Coast.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 9.08.58 PM

And was still trending well after I was done watching.

Screen Shot 2014-05-20 at 10.21.29 PM

This fandom rocks.

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Supernatural “Do You Believe in Miracles?”

Episode: “Do You Believe in Miracles?”
Writer: Jeremy Carver

Neil: “So uh Metatron. Metatron. God?”
Metatron: “Just a second.”
Metatron: “This is a story, Neil. A marvelous story full of love and heartbreak. And…love.”
Neil: “Sort of like The Notebook. I love that movie.
Metatron: “Uh…no.”

Metatron: “Quick. Which makes me look more pathetic?”
Neil: “Why do you want to look pathetic? You just reunited all the angels under the banner of heaven. I mean, that’s like…”
Metatron: “Winning a People’s Choice Award? Not quite the real deal, now is it?”

Crowley: “Oh…God.”
Demon Massage Therapist: “I would have thought you’d be more relaxed.”
Crowley: “What can I say? I wear my stress.”

Crowley: “Love, if I wanted a soapy massage from Dr. Phil I would have hit three on the speed dial, all right?”

Dean: “What the hell is happening to me you son of a bitch?
Crowley: “Liquor before beer? Bad taco? How should I know?”
Dean: “I can’t turn it off!”
Crowley: “It’s the Mark.”
Dean: “Meaning?”
Crowley: “It wants you to kill. The more you kill the better you feel. The less you kill the less better you feel.”
Dean: “How much less better?”
Crowley: “One would imagine the least best better.”

Cas: “Are you sure it was Crowley?”
Sam: “Who else would he summon? I mean he and Dean have been bromancing over the blade ever since Dean got the Mark.”

Sam: “This is not a bomb we’re talking about. this is my brother.”

Crowley: “So this is what you and Moose do, eh? Criss-cross the country searching for evil. Order your nitrates. Partake of the local attraction.”
Dean: “Yep.”
Crowley: “You never get tired of the rat race? You never get the urge to just…bugger off and howl at the moon? Never ask yourself ‘is this it? Is this all there is? I kicked human blood, you know.’”
Dean: “Oh so you’re a full metal douche, again. Well, that’s fantastic. Would you like a stuffed bear?”

Crowley: “Hell’s complicated.”
Dean: “Game of Thrones is complicated. Shower sex — that’s complicated. Hell ain’t complicated.”

Crowley: “You’re not gonna to eat your food?”
Dean: “Not hungry.”

Gadreel: “So you said you had a plan of how we might convince them to let us pass.”
Cas: “Wookiee.”
Gadreel: “Brother I have  no idea what that means.”
Cas: “It’s a reference to a very popular film that…never mind.”

Sam (to Dean): “I guess one of us doesn’t need a demon to help follow a clue trail.”

Sam: “I just thought you might like to know that while you two have been playing, uh, odd couple, your real friends like Cas…like the angel that you stabbed — Gadreel — they’re out there right now risking their asses to help you win this fight.”

Sam: “You tricked me, Dean. And now I’m the one who wakes up in the middle of the night seeing my hands killing Kevin, not you.”

Dean: “I’m gonna take my shot. For better or worse.”
Sam: “I know.”
Dean: “No matter the consequences.”
Sam: “I know. But if this is it, we’re gonna do it together.”

Crowley: “Excuse me, I’m not exactly demon minion number three here. As the kids say, I’ve got mad skills.”

Crowley: “Well, I guess I’ve been Winchestered.”

George: “Abomination? Try Miracle Worker.”
Healed woman: “Try Messiah.”
Metatron: Better.

Metatron: “They love me. They really, really love me.”

Dean: “Listen, Sammy. About uh, you know the last couple of months…”
Sam: “I know…so before we find something else to fight about, tell me. Are you ready to cut this bitch?” (Dean knocks Sam out)
Dean: “Sorry, little brother, it’s not your fight.”

Cas (to Gadreel): “You’ve been redeemed, my friend.”

Cas (to Hannah): “Do you believe him now?”

Metatron: “The problem with you, Dean, is the cynicism. Always with the cynicism. But most people — even the real belly crawlers living in filth…or Brentwood…they don’t want to be cynical. They just want something to believe in.”

Dean: “You are nothing but Bernie Madoff with wings.”

Metatron: “And I can save them.”
Dean: “Sure you can. So long as your mug is in every Bible and ‘What Would Metatron Do’ is on every bumper.”
Metatron: “And? What, are you blaming me for giving them what they want? Giving them a brand they can believe in?”
Dean: “I’m blaming you for Kevin. I’m blaming you for taking Cas’ grace. Hell, I’m blaming you for the Cubs not winning the World Series in the last 100 freaking years. Whatever it is…I’m blaming you.”

Metatron: “Here’s a news flash for you. Humpty and Dumpty are starring in their own version of Locked Up Abroad: Heaven right now.

Metatron: “Wow, that big blade and that douche-y tribal tat sure gave you some super juice.”

Metatron: “So, you took Abaddon’s scalp. Then you figured you’d take on little, old nebbishy me. What could go wrong? And you’re powered by the bone of a jackass. And it is just awesome, right? Here’s a tip. Next time, try to be powered by the Word of God.”

Metatron: “Well played Castiel. Obviously you and Gadreel managed to turn a few dead enders against me.”
Cas: “Gadreel is dead.”
Metatron: “Ahh…so Gadreel bites the dust. And the Angel Tablet — arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe — is in pieces and for what again? Oh, that’s right…to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right? Well, guess what? He’s dead, too.”

Dean: “Listen to me. It’s better this way.”
Sam: “What?”
Dean: “The Mark. It’s making me into something I don’t want to be.”

Cas: “You’ll never get away with this.”
Metatron: “Get away with what? You told a silly story to a group of less than believers. I’ll clean up your mess in an hour.”
Cas: “You give our brothers and sisters far too little credit. They will soon learn that you have been playing them.”
Metatron: “And then? They will do nothing because they are frightened little sheep following my brook wherever it leads. And where I’m taking them, back to our rightful place atop this mountain of human shame and excrement, when that happens? Trust me. They’re not going to care how they got there.”

Dean: “What happened to you being okay with this?”
Sam: “I lied.”
Dean: “Ain’t that a bitch?”

Dean: “I got to say something to you. I’m proud of us.”

Cas: “I’m no leader, Hannah. I never was. I just want to be an angel.”

Sam: “Damn it, Crowley. You got him into this mess. You will get him out…or so help me, God.”

Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW
Photo Credit: Cate Cameron/The CW

Crowley: “Your brother, bless his soul, is summoning me, as I speak. Make a deal. Bring you back. It’s exactly what I was talking about, isn’t it? It’s all become so…expected. You have to believe me. When I suggested you take on the Mark of Cain, I didn’t know that this was going to happen. Not really. I mean, I might not have told you the entire truth. But I never lied. I never lied, Dean. That’s important. It’s fundamental. But…there is one story about Cain that I might have…forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he, too, was willing to accept death rather than become the killer the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life with the Blade. He died. Except, as rumor has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand why I never spoke of this. Why set hearts aflutter at mere speculation? It wasn’t until you summoned me…no it wasn’t truly until you left that cheeseburger uneaten, that I began to let myself believe maybe miracles do come true. Listen to me, Dean Winchester. What you’re feeling right now — it’s not death. It’s life — a new kind of life.Open your eyes, Dean. See what I see. Feel what I feel. And let’s go take a howl at that moon.” (Dean opens his eyes and they are black)

Supernatural returns with its tenth season (and 200th episode!) this fall on the CW.

Needless to say, I loved this finale. It’s the morning after and I’m still as giddy over the episode we got. What did you guys think?

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  1. Eddieroos

    Wonderous and well written. My speculation for next season? Similar to Sam’s not realizing he is possessed by Gadrell, Dean will not be aware he is a demon?

    1. Tina Charles

      Interesting speculation. Can’t wait to find out!

  2. Jodie

    I also want to point out the similarities between Chuck (whom most speculate is God) and Metatron whom both sat at a type writer. It was very clever and reminisciant of season 5, especially the finale Swan Song. It almost made me want Chuck to return a d set everything right. I do agree a fabulous episode and it will leave all fans waiting for season ten to start, oh the possibilities!!!

    1. Tina Charles

      Definitely! I totally agree about the Chuck-ish elements to Metatron. He’s really a wannabe Chuck. But we know he will never be our favorite prophet/whatever he is. I mean sure he’s powerful. Or he was. But he’s no Chuck. lol

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Kelly Nichols

    It was a great season ender. Although it makes season 10 a very very long time coming. Dean isn’t possessed by a demon, he is a demon so I suspect he will understand it and know it right away. Sam…might not. Hard to say. The best parts are the unpredictable ones. I figured that Cas had the mike on when he was talking to Metatron and that everything that was being said was being broadcast to all the angels. I’m glad that Metatron is still alive, who knows what he might do next season? The only thing that bugs me is how did Crowley get into the very, highly warded bunker and how is Dean going to get around it. The bunker has devils traps all over it engraved in the walls, floors, etc. I hope the writers have that figured out, they have missed a few things in the past *ahem* Grand Canyon anyone? My favourite season ender was Swan song but this one definitely gets my vote.

    1. Tina Charles

      Love your comments. Thanks for reading!

      1. Jessie

        It was a great season finale. Jeremy Carver is a very good writer, too bad he isn’t a very good showrunner. We sit through 22 good and not so good episodes until we got this one. And Gadreel dead was pointless. Why kill off all the best guest stars? Still, this was the best episode of the season.

        1. Tina Charles

          Thanks for your comment. And, yes, this was a very hit and miss season. The finale was definitely the best episode of the season. I’m glad Carver saved the best for last. But I said it in my article and I agree with you in your comment. Why kill off the great guest stars? I know sometimes it served a purpose but I would like to see future episodes with Kavan Smith (Magnus) and Tahmoh Penikett. He was so good as Gadreel.

  4. MByerly

    I had to wonder why no Cas after Dean’s death. Metatron told Cas Dean had been killed. Cas should have headed out of Heaven the instant Metatron was jailed. And Sam calls Crowley rather than Cas. Strange.

    1. Tina Charles

      I will totally give you that one. I really wanted to see Cas present for Dean’s death. I’m glad we saw him get to react but there should have been more. I feel like they probably ran out of time. Thanks for commenting!

      1. Gma1958

        I don’t mean to disagree, but, I believe that the way everything is played out is exactly how Jeremy Carver plans it … and there is a point and purpose for each and every moment … especially in his season finale… the ending … well, it was a holy s#*t moment, no doubt about it. And we have to wait til October to find out what happens?!? I feel like I’ve been Winchestered

  5. Nina

    Cas still doesn’t have his wings so he couldn’t just pop down and go to where Dean was. Metatron was the only one still with wings. Cas would have had to leave heaven and get in a car to go to where Dean was.

  6. Ana West

    Ok trying again. Read & loved it. All the stuff I remembered from S2-3 was there. Like a Vulcan mind meld. I expected Dean to die and become a demon but was still in shock. Agree about Gadreel. Really wanted him and Tahmoh to remain on the show. I wanted Metatron die, but Curtis is a great actor and had some of the best lines in addition to Crowley. Still so sad for Sam and Dean. I disagreed about a few things, like wanted more Cas in the epi. But hey we are still SPNFamily and families always have some of those. We’ve already discussed much on Twitter so will just end with: Can’t wait 4 season 10.

  7. Elizabeth Orozco

    I hope thats not true. I hope he does know but I will love the show anyway no matter what.

  8. Elizabeth Orozco

    I loved Season 9 and I still have feelings from the show too. I feel like my heart has been hurt and it cant heal. I did like this season a lot There are some episodes I liked better then others but I liked it as a whole. I also think the actors did a great job. Jensen was amazing, Misha was spectacular, Jared was great. I love them so much and always will. I loved the finale and am still sad to see Dean hurt and then die. Even if it was like every other time I would have liked to see Cas save him or Sam. Its too bad he didnt smash the tablet sooner but like I said I liked the finale. I cried after seeing Dean die which surprised me. I have always loved Dean so much and always will. I wonder how Dean will react and am interested in what Cass will think. I also wonder how Cass will get his grace back cause if he dont he will die. I am excited for Season 10 but dont know how I will be able to wait but I will have to. Thank you Jensen Misha Jared You guys did great. Thank you to all the writers and directors and crew. I am sad it is over. I went through a lot this season. I still feel for Dean. I hope he will be ok and it doesnt change him too much. I do hope he knows that he is a demon even though I think he wont be happy about it. I think Sam will be glad he is alive. I think Cass will be too but he definitely wont be happy Dean is a demon. I cant wait but I feel sad It was great

  9. Gisi

    First of all, thank you for this wonderful recap of the season finale; your recaps still are the best and always help me understand a phrase or certain American pop culture reference I wouldn’t get otherwise.

    Though I love “Devil’s Trap” alot, my all-time favourite season finale still is “Swan Song” and you’re right, Tina, me too, thinks, that Mr Carver must have rewatched a few of the earlier season finales before he started to write “DYBIM”. Especially “AHBL II” and “Swan Song”, because of the heartbreaking broments…

    IMO, it was a good finale after all and the (meanwhile famous) “last five seconds” left me sit gaping in my chair – and shocked.
    KUDOS to M. Ladouceur for the light in general and for the angle of the camera at those “last five seconds” in particular.
    *shivers at memory*

    On the compliant side: less Metartron would’ve been more. Because if I remember right, the two leads of SN still are the J’s – and not Curtis Armstrong. So it was a bitter pill for me to swallow, realizing, that Sam and Dean looked like sidekicks in their own show (again). And this in a season finale. 🙁

    Also again, the lack of more Sam POV. It wouldn’t have hurt to show us a bit more how Sam was grieving in the bunker because I still crave for Sammy showing big bro how much he still loves him…
    – Okeh, we got a view glimpses finally, but I really had expected MORE.

    Same with Cas’ reaction as he was told that “the one human being” he was doing this for, was dead.

    Instead, we got lots of boring Boogertron ähem… Metatron monologues and scenes. 🙁
    – And he was definitely not punished for what he did to poor Dean. It should have been Sam’s privilege to get the job done and end the slimy douche bag the way he deserves.
    Because: NO hurting Teh HOTTIE!!

    But… let me admit that the last five minutes with Crowley talking to our hero’s corpse on the bed were absolutely fabulous, IMO.

    Thank you so much for adding Crowley’s speech/apologize to dead Dean to your post, Tina; it’s a real pleasure for ppl like me (which mother tongue isn’t English) to have a chance to understand, what’s that all about. Moi, (for example) has sometimes a little problem to understand everything when the actor(s) talk very fast.

    The more I appreciate your well-written and great recaps/posts; they’re always a big help for me, “getting it”, as to say it with El Deano. 😉

    Don’t you think that our dear King of Hell is very fond of “Squirrel”, finally? Ah, can’t wait for s10 premiere… hopefully, Dean is the new Knight of Hell and not just Crowley’s pet demon, before Sam and Cas find a way to turn/cure him again.

    …And I have to rewatch because I definitely missed something while yelling at the screen and crying in my tissues… 😉

    1. Tina Charles

      Wow, thanks for all the kind words! I’m glad you enjoyed the finale as much as I did.

      And you’re welcome for all the favorite quotes. I love doing those. So glad they are of help you. I always love shining a light on great dialogue!


  10. Gisi

    Oopsie… almost forgot to praise Tahmoh Penikett!

    Firt I was supposted to hate his Gadreel, but now I’m miffed that they killed him (instead of Metatron). What a waste. He and Cas really had chemistry.

  11. mona

    One thing I can’t figure out, can somebody help ?
    How on earth did Crowley and Gadreel get inside the bunker in the finale ?
    Thanks !

    1. Tina Charles

      Crowley spent a lot of time in the bunker. Sure he was locked up the entire time. But maybe he knows a special way to get in. Good question. I will have to re-watch the finale and get back to you. 🙂

    2. michelle

      gadreel got inside because he knew the way from spending so much time in sam…crowley got in because he was summoned by dean and then by sam…idk — maybe it’s like vampire lore, once a demon has been invited in they can always get in?

      1. mona

        Hi Michelle

        What you said about Gadreel makes sense.
        But Crowley wasn’t summoned by Dean. Dean was dead, remember ?

        1. michelle

          Dean summoned Crowley when Sam and Cas locked him (Dean) up after stabbing Gadreel and then Sam summoned him after Dean died — Crowley was saying that during his speech to Dean before Dean “woke up”

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