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Bohannon’s Day of Reckoning Has Arrived, Hell on Wheels “Fathers and Sins” 

Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC
Photo Credit: Chris Large/AMC

It was only a matter of time before Hatch came looking for retribution from Bohannon. But isn’t it interesting how Hatch seems to have a selective memory? Yes, Bohannon hung his son but Hatch put his son in the noose when he knew his son was innocent. Lest we forget, it was Hatch who shot railroad Sheriff Dick Barlow and made his son confess to the crime. Bohannon didn’t want to hang the boy but the Calvary was there and wouldn’t let Bohannon leave without exacting “justice.” It’s doubly ironic that Bendix later says the boy was innocent – but that’s only after he’s had a chance to examine the dead boy’s skull. Of course we all have 20/20 vision after the fact.

Things should be really interesting in next week’s season finale, “Get Behind the Mule.” Gundersen has assumed the identity of preacher, Joseph Dutson, and is living within the walls of the Mormon fort. Of course Bohannon knows his true identity, but why would anyone listen to him? He’s been brought there to hang. And it looks like he may also have to answer for having sex with Hatch’s daughter. Once Elam tells the workers Bohannon’s been taken they want to form a posse and go after for him. But Elam doesn’t know where Bohannon was taken and he knows it’s more important for them to get to Cheyenne on time. If they don’t, Durant will come in and take over and none of the men want to see that happen again. Despite all the hardship they’ve been through, they’d much rather be working for a man like Bohannon.

Of course Durant is going to try to take advantage of this situation in any way he can – he wouldn’t be the man he is today if he didn’t. Durant and Bohannon’s temporary truce was just that. It’s only when they’re fighting a common enemy that they can stand together. And in surrendering to Hatch, Bohannon made the only decision he could live with. Ezra needed to see that Bohannon was true to his word, that we wouldn’t leave him. Bohannon’s done enough wrong in his life that maybe he’s ready to face the music. I don’t think he’s ready to die, but I doubt it’ll come to that.

Other developments

  • Bohannon offers his workers an incentive to work on Sunday.
  • Mrs. Palmer wants Durant and Bohannon to make peace before the railroad arrives.
  • Bohannan convinces Ruth to stay in the camp. Soon after, Louise discovers Ruth has feelings for him.
  • Bohannon forces Elam to sober up.
  • Eva only thinks she’s good for one thing, but Louise only wants friendship from her.

The season 3 finale of Hell on Wheels airs Saturday, October 5th at 9/8c on AMC.

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