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How to Get Away with Murder “Freakin’ Whack-a-Mole” 

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaset
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaset

Everybody is constantly referring to Wes as a puppy, but this week Wes shows us his bite. It’s nice to see him stand up to Annalise. But like Annalise, I think Wes is putting way too much trust and faith in Rebecca. What do we even know about her? She’s a drug dealer who is/was involved with Lila’s boyfriend-at-the-time-of-her-murder Griffin O’Reilly. And whatever his part in Lila’s murder, Griffin was awfully quick to try to pin it on Rebecca. We know Rebecca got into trouble as a kid or young adult because she mentioned something about juvie to Sam when he “interviewed” her. We know Wes has a massive crush on her – which I honestly don’t understand, but that’s not really pertinent to this discussion. I don’t get it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in their evolving relationship.

The Frank/Laurel Dynamic
So we know that Laurel’s dating Kan, but cheating on him with Frank. I mean, she has a picture of his naked torso on her phone. I feel like that’s not the smartest thing to have flashing on her screen every time he calls, but that’s just me I guess. We know she’s not being completely upfront with the Keating 5 about the true nature of that relationship because she goes to see him at the end of “We’re Not Friends.” We know Bonnie thinks Laurel’s leading him on and thinks it would be kinder if she lets Frank down easy now. But Laurel doesn’t strike me as that kind of person. And last week when she asked if he’d really do anything for her, he said yes. I don’t know if we’re talking the L word here, but it seems like their feelings for each other run pretty deep.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth

Asher’s Secret Revealed
So his father’s a judge and presided over the original David Allen trial. Annalise wants to pursue judicial misconduct, but Asher isn’t interested in sticking around to see what they might dig up on his dad. Pretty keen to prove his father had no part in this, Asher goes to his family home and looks through his father’s journals. They are meticulous, but there’s a day missing – the day the judge met with the prosecutor on the David Allen case. Asher doesn’t want to believe his father advanced his career with this case. He can’t believe that his father is going to let an innocent man die for a crime he didn’t commit. Talk about an emotional scene. Before this, we’ve only seen Asher be a grade-A douche. Actually, that’s not entirely true. In “We’re Not Friends,” we saw him shed a tear when that kid’s case got kicked down to juvenile court. But this. I mean, I love Matt McGorry in Orange is the New Black, so I knew he had this in him. It was just really nice to finally see a different side of him. And Asher gets kicked out of his father’s house for his trouble. But the information he provides leads to him taking the trophy home and somehow (although not in any way related), he manages to sleep with Bonnie. I didn’t see that coming. It’s weird.

The Case
Annalise is often pretty unprofessional in court, but it does get results. And I admire her passion. When she believes in you, she will do whatever she needs to in order to make sure justice is done – immediately or eventually. With David Allen, we see her fire. She’s not afraid of going after the senator, especially if he had any role in putting her client in prison in the first place. I think she would’ve been thrown in jail for contempt in a real court of law, but the judges ultimately vacate the verdict because without that witness there isn’t much evidence.

The Keating 5
I love that name. They have such an interesting dynamic because they’re basically forced to work together, but none of them are friends. I’d say Wes and Laurel respect each other at the very least. I think we see a friendship developing there. And because of Sam’s murder, 4 of the 5 will have a bond for the rest of their lives. I have to say I’m really enjoying how details of the murder and the events around it are being parceled out. I like that there’s still so much we don’t know. And I like that we finally see Annalise in the flash-forward sequence. Despite all his mistakes, lies and deceptions, Annalise still needs Sam. She loves him.

Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth
Photo Credit: ABC/Mitchell Haaseth


  • Nate may have lost his job, but he’s still acting like a cop. I wonder if those surveillance photos of Frank planting Lila’s phone in Griffin’s car are going to come into play later.
  • What’s the deal with Bonnie and Sam? Bonnie is the first person Annalise calls in the flash-forward when she realizes something’s wrong. It’s definitely interesting that she assume her husband is with Bonnie.

How to Get Away with Murder airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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