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True Detective “The Secret Fate of All Life” 

Photo Credit: HBO
Photo Credit: HBO

Gilbough and Papania finally show their cards, although I don’t think it’s a particularly strong hand. But, of course, we know more than they do. In “The Secret Fate of All Life,” we discover how Rust and Marty discovered Reggie Ledoux’s compound. Ginger helps Rust contact Reggie’s cousin and cooking partner Dewall. But there’s something Dewall doesn’t like about Rust. In fact, Dewall doesn’t like Rust’s face. “It makes me want to do things to it.” He threatens to put Rust down if he ever sees him again. But Marty tails him when he leaves the meet, so all is not lost. 

Rust and Marty find the compound eventually and approach – carefully – on foot. The Ledouxs have the place rigged with homemade bobby traps, something Rust has a good eye for. They had agreed that if they saw Dewall or Reggie, they would call for backup. But Marty doesn’t trust Rust enough to leave him alone. The story they tell the world is very different than what actually happened. The truth is that Marty shoots Reggie point-blank after he discovers two children being held hostage on the property. Dewall makes a break for it, but is taken out by one of his own homemade devices. The story they tell their superiors is that the Ledouxs fired upon them continuously when they approached and that they were returning fire. They got lucky and stumbled upon the children after the Ledouxs were killed. Marty gets a promotion and Rust gets a commendation out of it.

Case solved, right? Wrong. Five years later Rust has earned the reputation as a closer. He’s brought in on a case in Abbeville and tricks the suspect, Guy Francis, into a confession. But Guy has information he thinks Rust would be interested in. He’s got information on “The Yellow King.” Rust thought he’d been bullsh*tting, but that catches his attention. Both Charlie and Dora Lange had mentioned “The Yellow King.” So he and Marty travel back Abbeville the next day to talk to Guy. But he’s dead. Guy took a call from his lawyer after Rust left and a few hours later he committed suicide.

Rust and Marty track down the phone the lawyer’s call was made from and it’s in the middle of nowhere. They think there’s no way Guy’s lawyer made that call. So what information did Guy Francis have and who was powerful enough to get to him?

When Gilbough and Papania finally come clean with Marty, we learn why they think Rust pushed the investigation where he wanted it to go. They think Rianne Olivier was Rust’s victim and that he put her into the mix to cover up his crime. They also think Rust had something to do with the death of Billy Lee Tuttle in 2010 and that’s why he popped back up after being off the grid for years. That name doesn’t mean anything to us yet, but I assume we’ll find out who he is soon enough. They also have photos of Rust at Stephanie Kordish’s crime scene as well as eye-witness accounts. They want to take a look in Rust’s storage unit, but Rust tells them to get a warrant. I wonder what Rust’s hiding in there. If he’s smart (and he is), he’ll get rid of it before the police come knocking.

Other developments

I did not expect Maggie to take Marty back. I could have sworn he wasn’t wearing a wedding ring in the present day interviews with Gilbough and Papania, which was part of the reason for my assumption. Regardless of that, Marty once again fails his family – this time with inattention. Audrey grows up into a troubled teen, who gets caught having sex with two teenage boys. When Marty threatens to have them prosecuted for statutory rape, Audrey tells him to f*ck off and Marty smacks her for it. Maisie is the good kid – on the cheerleading squad, respectful of her parents. We’ll see how long that lasts. And if everything really ok between Marty and Maggie? Only time will tell.

We also meet Laurie, who Rust had talked about earlier. He said he came close to marrying her and we’re still not sure what broke them up. Maybe we’ll find out. Maybe we won’t. To me Rust seems like a very hard man to make a life with. He might be easy to love if you can break through all of his defenses, but with such a troubled past I wonder if he allows anyone to really get to know him.

True Detective airs Sundays at 9/8c on HBO.

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