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Hell on Wheels Preview: “Elam Ferguson” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: AMC/Chris Large
Photo Credit: AMC/Chris Large

[Warning: General spoilers in images, article, and preview.]

Last week’s episode was a hallucinogenic journey as we followed the aftermath of Elam’s near-fatal mauling. Nursed back to physical health but psychologically fractured, Elam is irreparably changed. Tonight, he rides into Cheyenne and faces the people who love him, and the outcome is dangerous, emotional, and raw.

Photo Credit: AMC/Chris Large
Photo Credit: AMC/Chris Large

I think I’ve said before that Bohannon and Elam are this show’s central love story, so in some ways, the whole season has hinged on their reunion. The episode spends a good amount of time on that, but there are other threads, too:

  • Durant gets payback for his beating.
  • Bohannon receives unsolicited advice on the future of his family.
  • Maggie makes a deal.
  • Louise calls out Campbell for his decisions.

It’s not an easy hour of TV. Anson Mount brings it hard, and it’s fantastic to finally see him onscreen with Common again. Robin McLeavy continues to be amazing. Colm Meaney reiterates how genius he is as Durant says one thing and does the exact opposite without even ruffling his shirt.

Here’s a sneak peek. Hell on Wheels airs Saturday night at 9/8c on AMC.


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