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Season Premiere Preview: Lifetime’s The Client List [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Lifetime
Photo Credit: Lifetime

Since we’re all friends here, I’m going to confess something. I watched season one of The Client List in all its cheesy goodness and I’m looking forward to season two, which returns to Lifetime tonight at 10/9 c.

For the uninitiated, it’s a hour-long drama about a newly abandoned single mom, Riley, who lands a day spa job that’s not exactly what it seems. While some of the girls are outright hooking, Riley settles into a management role where she does some things but not everything and becomes more of a sex therapist to her clients. It’s really not as salacious as the previews would have you think. Instead, it’s more of a family drama with a twist.

Riley’s keeping the true nature of her job under the table from her family—mom Linette, BFF Lacey (October Road’s Rebecca Field), her two kids, and her deadbeat husband’s brother, Evan (Colin Egglesfield, who also moonlights on TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles)—while building a bank of funds since she’s now sole breadwinner. When we left off in season one, she was on the edge of being busted by the police and she’d finally started to see that Evan had stepped up in a huge way and was more than just a friend. Unfortunately, that also synched up with her husband, Kyle, returning from a self-imposed sabbatical in an attempt to win her back. Smart girl’s response was “not so fast there.”

When we pick up tonight, if the previews are any indication, the crime stuff’s been dealt with and Riley’s biggest drama is trying to begin a relationship with Evan (while Kyle is still in the picture) and managing the shenanigans at the spa.

The supporting cast also includes Cybill Shepherd as Linette, and Loretta Devine as Riley’s boss, Georgia, who I’d assume are there to keep Hewitt from doing all the heavy lifting (she’s also a producer), but also look like they’re having a ball. I’ve enjoyed Hewitt for years and she’s very good as Riley—sassy, smart, sensitive, and of course, sexy, and she has chemistry for days with Egglesfield. The show is set in Texas, so the accents are a little thick across the board but it works fine (the only comedic thing about the setting is that anybody could drive 100 miles each way to a job as quickly as Riley does).

I thought Ghost Whisperer was dumped too soon by CBS, so I’m glad Hewitt and company got to come back and play for a second season of The Client List—and with 5 more episodes than the 10-episode first season order. It’s not rocket science, but it’s entertaining.

You can catch a sneak peek here:

If you missed a few episodes or want to refresh your memory before tonight, here’s a quick recap of season 1:

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