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Justified “Shot All to Hell” 

Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX
Photo Credit: Prashant Gupta/FX

I have to admit something to you now. This episode surprised me. From the moment Paxton turned on his bedroom light to find Boyd Crowder sitting there to Raylan telling Art there was no way FBI Agent Barkley was on the tarmac the night of Nicky Augustine’s death. Let’s hit the highlights.

Boyd Vanquishes (some of) His Enemies

I really didn’t expect to see Boyd kill Paxton. I had no idea what Boyd had in mind when he had his boys round up all those dead bodies at the end of “Over the Mountain.” I knew they’d play a vital role in Boyd’s revenge on someone, but I thought he was focused on Johnny and Hot Rod. But, Boyd’s got a lot on his revengenda – so many people to make pay, so little time. So after he makes sure Paxton’s good name is completely and thoroughly ruined, he moves on to his next victim: Mooney. Again, I wasn’t sure what Boyd’s play was when he was talking to Hayes Workman, the guy with black lung. But the moment Boyd tells Mooney he’s gonna “get you what you got coming to you,” I knew things we’re gonna get bloody. So with both Paxton and Mooney dead, the case against Ava falls apart.

Ava Goes to the Big(ger) House

I guess I should’ve known that a show like this doesn’t cast someone like Danny Strong for a cameo (although kudos for the Dave Foley cameo from a few weeks back. I loved it). Albert is such a vile creature that it was fun to watch him get taken to task. With Ava set to be released in the morning, it’s Albert’s last chance to mess with her. I just didn’t realize the lengths he’d go to. When he finds a weapon in Ava’s bunk, it’s bad. When he stabs himself with it, that’s worse. When we realize he’s bribed Ava’s cellmate into siding with his bogus story, we know things are truly dire. For such a serious crime, Ava gets transferred to the state pen. I’m not sure how Boyd can make this go away, but watching him become more and more desperate is such good TV.

Johnny’s Take Well Spent

Boyd still wants to go into business with Hot Rod. He’s not interested in Hot Rod making restitution though. What he wants is: Johnny and for Hot Rod to partner with him on running drugs from Mexico. I’m not entirely sure Hot Rod was interested in going from the weed business to heroine – too much risk – but, he has no qualms about giving Johnny up. The problem? Johnny used his profits from their last haul to buy the loyalty of Hot Rod’s muscle. I guess Johnny knew Boyd would come after him eventually and bought himself a little insurance. I kind of love that Johnny is making a real nuisance of himself. I can’t wait to see how Boyd deals with this new wrinkle.

The Art of a Standoff

Art finds Picker exactly where he thought he’d be – with Wynn Duffy. He doesn’t expect to find Elias Marcos (the always amazing Alan Tudyk) tracking Picker’s movements as well. So Art confronts him and, at first, it seems like Marcos backs off. But before Art can get Picker to take a “walk” with him, Marcos returns. And he’s not keen on leaving the diner without Picker. Talk about a tense scene. I was so very nervous. I love Art but does anyone have the reflexes of Raylan Givens? He liked his odds at such close range, but Marcos doesn’t play by the rules (as we saw earlier in the episode). Art’s good with words though and that’s what gets him and Picker out of a very sticky situation.

Raylan Doesn’t Make Threats

Of course he’s nervous when he sees Picker at the office. Of course he wants to find out why the marshals are interested in Picker. Of course he wants to talk to Picker alone. For a man who doesn’t seem to be intimidated by anyone, Picker is quick to listen when Raylan speaks. It’s also interesting that Raylan is all but free and clear when ADA Vasquez tells him about Barkley. They’re celebrating the capture of Theo Tonin – arguably the highlight of Art’s career – but Raylan can’t (and/or won’t) let it go. He knows Barkley wasn’t there and despite everything, he’s not going to let Art believe otherwise.

All the Crowes Together Again

Wendy shows up for Kendal and Raylan makes it known that he wants all the Crowes out of Kentucky. She claims she’s taking Kendal back to Miami with her – and that she’ll fight Raylan on Darryl’s parole reinstatement – but takes him straight back to her brother. Darryl wants Wendy to stay local. He thinks they’re better when they’re together. And since he can’t seem to interest Boyd in a buyback plan on Audrey’s he needs to make some money. It’ll be interesting to see just how strong these blood ties are when Darryl discovers Danny killed Jean Baptiste. Again, I was surprised. Danny talks a really big game and when JB challenges him, he seems to back down. Until he doesn’t. Kendal will keep his mouth shut because he has to, but it’s only a matter of time before Darryl figures out the truth.

Justified airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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