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Covert Affairs Season Four Premiere Preview: “Vamos” [VIDEO and PHOTOS] 

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis/USA Network

Spoiler warning: This is a review of the premiere that touches on general plot points but does not reveal specifics.

I’m generally not a fan of the flash forward open and dial back to present season premieres, because they set the entire season on edge in anticipation of that event, rather than letting it unfold organically. So, know going in, that season four is going to kick off with a “Boo!” and then pick right back up where we want—in Annie’s bed (with Auggie yay!). From there, Annie clues Auggie, and us, in on what was Henry so desperate to tell her, and simultaneously we find out that Joan and Arthur have their own developments brewing that may or may not dovetail into Henry’s dossier. And Auggie’s got a line item or two in there as well.

Annie decides to follow up Henry’s file, and that leads her to South America, where she finds out things she might not want to know about her upper management, and she meets the CIA regional head played by Hill Harper (CSI: NY), who, based on the flash-forward teaser, is not to be trusted. Then we she gets home she finds out someone may have beaten her to the jump on what she discovered. So, buckle up.

Phto Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: Cesar Carillo/USA Network

I liked the premiere, but the opener skewed my enjoyment of it. Once we were into the episode, it was interesting to see Annie hit the road again and launch herself into her next unsanctioned mission to try to figure out how much of what she thought she knew about her CIA team was fact or fiction.

I’m glad that Auggie and Annie didn’t hit a pause or reset. Since TPTB had the cojones to go there with them, I want to see it play out. I’m a longtime fan of Hill Harper, so I welcome him, but that teaser’s already told me how to feel about his character before we meet him, which is sort of a shame.

Photo Credit: USA Network
Photo Credit: USA Network

Here’s the official 411:

Annie (Piper Perabo) must determine how to balance two new relationships in her life – a burgeoning romance with Auggie (Christopher Gorham) and a professional partnership with Henry Wilcox (guest star Gregory Itzin) – while also searching within Colombia for a new person of interest: the Puma.

You can catch “Vamos” in the new Tuesday 9 pm/8c timeslot on USA starting tomorrow.

Here are a couple of SPOILERY sneak peeks, and you can catch more at the Covert Affairs YouTube channel.

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