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Rectify “Drip, Drip” 

Photo Credit: Sundance Channel
Photo Credit: Sundance Channel

I’m trying to figure out why I like this show so much, but I’m not sure I’ll ever know. Part of me loves that Daniel is so different. In so many ways he’s innocent and trusting. But he can also be focused and calculating. I like that he’s a walking contradiction. I like that we still have no idea if Daniel’s guilty of the crime he was sent to Death Row for – and part of me hopes we never find out. I like that he sees the beauty and wonder around him. I like that he trusts people and wants to believe the world is a good place. But I hate that Teddy and so many others are so hostile towards him. I understand it, but I don’t like it. Did Teddy deserve what Daniel did to him at the end of the episode? A very small voice in my head says yes. I just wonder what will happen next.

“It’s the beauty that hurts you the most, not the ugly.”

Daniel sneaks out of the house at 3:14 am and ends up at Hannah’s. It was strange and uncomfortable to see him there, but if he hadn’t been there he wouldn’t have gone on his adventure with W. Earl Brown‘s Goat Man. He wants Daniel to help him with a little chore. He claims to have forgotten his keys when they get to a locked barn filled with goats. They take the goats and Daniel stays in the truck as the Goat Man delivers them. Daniel falls asleep for a large portion of that, but when he sees the Dancing Man in front of his father’s tire store he’s done with his goat adventure. The Goat Man gives him a wad of cash, which Daniel is hesitant to accept. He wonders of the Goat Man is real to which the Goat Man replies he’d like some of what Daniel’s taking.

Teddy isn’t happy Tawney brought Daniel to their church. Those people are the only one’s left who still seem interested in getting tires from their store. Tawney thinks Daniel’s suffered more than Job and wonders why Teddy can’t see the good in people. Teddy says it’s not that he can’t see the good in Daniel, it’s that he doesn’t know him. Maybe Daniel should’ve gotten right with God when he had all that spare time on Death Row. He’s out of prison for six days and getting testified to by a pretty young woman is what convinces him? Teddy’s not buying it. And he’s pretty upset Tawney decided to start hanging out with Daniel when he went out of town.

Teddy stops by the house and tells Janet and Amantha that Daniel is getting baptized that night. Of course he wants to stir up trouble, although he pretends otherwise. When Daniel finally returns home, Amantha tells him they’re worried. They’re worried because they love him. Daniel wonders if they just want him to be the way they want him to be instead of the way he is. Amantha just wants him to be happy, which Daniel claims he will be once he’s cleansed. He’s not even sure he’s alive. When Amantha tries to comfort him, Daniel demands that Amantha stop living her life for him. He doesn’t want that and he certainly never asked for it. He wants his family to start treating him like a person.

Daniel’s struggling with the baptism until he sees Tawney looking on. He finally feels alive for the first time in a long time. Later as they’re talking Daniel tells Tawney she makes him happy, but Tawney says it’s Jesus not her. Daniels thinks everything he went through today led him back to her, to this moment and he wants to know if he can kiss her. He realizes pretty quickly he’s made a mistake and apologizes. Tawney wondesr if she should call Janet or drive him home herself but Daniel refuses and walks into the woods. As Teddy’s closing up the shop, Daniel stops him from turning off the Dancing Man. They go into the store together for a cup of coffee, but before they can Teddy – who’s had a fair amount of beer – asks if Daniel’s sins have been forgiven. Daniel doesn’t think it’s that black and white but Teddy does and he’s not buying the lost soul act. He says Daniel wants to get right. With his wife. Teddy’s not sure Daniel should be around anybody and tells him to stay away from him and his wife. Before Daniel puts him in a chokehold until he passes out, Teddy had wanted to know if Daniel fought back in prison or just relaxed and enjoyed it.

Random Tidbits:

  • Daniel tells Ted he’s not planning on working at the tire store. He knew it as a kid, but he couldn’t figure out a way to tell his father. Now he’s glad he didn’t.
  • Daniel’s at his old school when Jared comes out to talk to him. He’s accompanied by some of the school’s administrators who clearly don’t want him there.
  • Amantha sees Tawney and Daniel together after the baptism and decides not to interrupt.

The season finale of Rectify airs Monday, May 20th at 10/9c on Sundance Channel.

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