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Moment of Goodness

The Truth Doesn’t Always Set You Free, Killjoys “Come the Rain” 

Photo Credit: Syfy
Photo Credit: Syfy

It was a pretty safe bet that nobody was coming out of “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye” unscathed, but we see the exact effects of it in “Come the Rain,” as ten days have passed and D’avin’s fallen into a bottle, Dutch has fallen into a series of random hookups and a now medically cleared Johnny has retreated to the bar to do his own share of drinking.

Somewhere in there, he also found time to force Dutch and D’avin’s hand. He summons them to the bar only to dispatch them on a warrant that’s a straight pickup and delivery–or so it would seem. It’s actually a crafty manipulation by Johnny to force them to talk to each other, by disabling Lucy through a Q&A device that biometrically requires them to tell the truth until they come clean about where they stand.

Neither is thrilled but they play along–while they work their way through a bottle of booze–answering a series of questions about themselves until they finally get to the real question of whether Dutch can trust him. She answers “yes,” and the detector tells them that’s a lie, then she says “no,” and that’s a lie, too. Since they’re doubly stranded while waiting out a chemical storm over the Quad, D’avin decides to help her work through whatever it is she’s feeling–first by tossing knives at a hologram of bad D’avin, but when she gives him first shot and stands in front of it like a circus performer, she flinches before he can throw.

Then they settle on something else–dancing (to Caveboy’s “Love Song”)–and for a brief moment, they’re OK–touching hands and really looking at each other again, and then she can’t, and she pulls away. He begs her to yell at him, be honest about what she’s feeling and she tells him rationally that if he’d done what he did of his own free will, she’d have killed him, mourned him, and moved on, but because whatever it was that was inside him is still in play–assuming Jaegar did not turn it off–she’s afraid, and that’s not an emotion she traffics very well in.

The ship starts to be sucked into the storm and Lucy can’t restart, so they try to answer the questions again, and “yes” and “no” still don’t work, so they finally just topple the thing to the ground and it shatters and Lucy boots right up (which could have made the entire thing 10 minutes long, but we’ll disregard that; she also could have just said the truth, “I don’t know.”)

When they finally land, D’avin tells Johnny, who’s been through his own ringer scoring Pawter drugs and helping her perform surgery after she admits she’s a closet junkie, and taking down bad guys, that he’ll move off the ship. He apologizes for trying to kill him, and gives him a comic book he owes him from their childhood.

Photo Credit: Ken Woroner/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy
Photo Credit: Ken Woroner/Temple Street Releasing Limited/Syfy

With that, Johnny’s had enough. He finally rails at him for all the things he gave up (like engineering school) because D’avin buggered off and left him with their parents. And he condemns D’avin for sleeping with Dutch in the first place. So D’avin’s left with a laundry list of his betrayals and disappointments to sort through.

We also learned that it’s not lost on Alvis and Pree that Johnny’s a fixer for his friends and family–and now Pawter–and he doesn’t always need to be that. He wraps the episode next to Dutch as they lie together on their stomachs on his bed, kicking their feet like children, as he reads a comic book to her because she can’t sleep. Family.

I’m OK with this being where they leave them right now because we have two episodes left, but we also ONLY HAVE TWO EPISODES LEFT.

On the off chance that we do not get a second season (which will make me Defcon Ragey), I want to know that all of these characters can be together–that they can figure their sh-t out and realize they’re stronger, safer, and happier as a team, whether or not anybody’s in a romance. This is another show where I wish we knew the timeline–have they been together days or weeks or months?

As brothers, D’avin and Johnny have a lot more than this recent damage to undo. Dutch tells D’avin she blames herself for the whole debacle last week because she slept with somebody she cared about. So however long they’ve been together, she’d already bonded to him, and the fact that she’s still bonded to him, despite what happened, is why she’s unable to definitively say “yes” or “no” when asked if she can trust him. She needs to trust herself first. No Khylen tonight–she’ll need to get her head straight and have her team with her to put that to bed, too.

We need a renewal, y’all.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9/8c and repeats throughout the week. It will be online Saturday at

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