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Haven “Lay Me Down” 

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

Sister scribe team Nora and Lilla Zuckerman have been responsible for some key moments in Haven history, so when their names popped up on “Lay Me Down,” I had an idea what was coming, but the delivery was so very sweet. It took us four years, but I think we got where we needed to go. I had one teeny, tiny, little “but, wait, what?” moment and we’ll get to that. The whole episode was twisty/turny, so I’m foregoing a MOG for a recap of sorts because we have A LOT to cover.

Wade graduates to a full-blown serial killer and it doesn’t take long for Duke to figure it out after he catches him in a couple of lies and realizes he’s acting shiftier than normal. When word gets out that Jordan is missing and she knew Wade, the penny drops and Duke finds his brother’s marina pass and heads out on his boat, where he discovers Wade’s underwater dumping ground–which includes Jordan’s body and other Guard members.

Duke confronts Wade, locks him up, and then Jennifer lets him out and is almost his latest victim. He arrives just in time, and as I guessed last week, has to kill his brother. Jennifer says she’ll keep Duke’s secret. which now includes being cured of his Trouble. I’m thinking it won’t take super long for folks to realize he’s not hulking out. Kudos to Eric Balfour and Emma Lahana and Christian Camargo for a really emotional scene.

Before all that family trouble, Duke hangs out with Audrey and Nathan and it gets clearer and clearer how invested he is in Nathan. Last week, he told him he kept Audrey’s secret because he didn’t want him to die, and he wishes he wasn’t so concerned for him, but he is. This week, he brings out coffee for all of them, and tells Nathan as he hands it off to him that he made sure it was lukewarm (which was always Audrey’s thing). So, despite his best attempts to remain aloof, Duke cares as much for Nathan as Audrey now and it infuriates him. Hence, I don’t think he’ll be able to keep his secret long. and I hope it’s Nathan who finds out because I want Nathan to have the opportunity to man up and be the friend to Duke that Duke has really tried very hard to be to him.

Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins
Photo Credit: Syfy/Michael Tompkins

Jennifer has her own issues as she goes to work for the Teagues. She balks a bit when she’s their first assignment but she goes along with it, pulling background information on herself and running into a dead end at her sealed adoption records. In the Curiouser and Curiouser file, it turns out our Agent Howard is the one who surrendered her to the adoption agency and that little morsel makes the Teagues giddy. Hmmmm. Let the conjecture begin on her parentage (I vote for James, FTR).

The Trouble of the week originates from Carrie (Kandyse McClure), the young woman delivering the Haven Herald. She passes off her normally family-confined Trouble of waking nightmares to the Herald readers around town until Audrey and Nathan catch on and confront her. She knows she’s Troubled but swears they’ve never jumped beyond the bloodline, and then the story takes a turn when she tells them she was mugged and we see that it was Tweedles from the barn who threatened William to the point that Lexie remembered how to assemble a pistol.

We’re the only ones who know that, though. We’re clued in when Carrie goes into a waking dream state as Audrey coaches her and we see the fellas up close and personal. After the Trouble is resolved, Carrie is left with a magical shimmery Roswell-type hand print on her back–leftover from the mugging–that only Audrey can see.

That’s enough of a freak out trigger that Nathan finally, finally, finally nuts up and talks to Audrey. He spends most of the episode deflecting attention away from things Lexie shouldn’t know while they’re investigating, and he has a hot for teacher nightmare that hilariously leaves him a little too excited to answer the door when Audrey arrives for work. He’s left with telltale bruising, though, from Teacher Audrey, which helps build the case at the outset of the episode. Dwight also ends up shot for real but he recovers.

Throughout the episode, Audrey and Nathan never round back to what she said to him last week, but at the end of the hour, he brings her home and comes inside. She’s annoyed (again) and he tells her they have to do something if the Troubles are evolving. She reiterates she’s not going to kill him and Lexie isn’t going anywhere. Earlier, she hammered on him again that killing Agent Howard is what got them into all of this (Let.It.Go.).

He tells her he can’t do it anymore. She throws Sarah up at him and asks him about his animosity toward Lexie. She tells him Lexie is as much a part of her as Sarah, who he seems quite familiar with. He tells her he won’t apologize, that she has no idea how hard this has been for him. (YES!). She yells at him that at least he has the luxury of being one person, of knowing who he is and what he is. He says he wants to know what they are. She tells him too much has happened — that they can’t be Audrey and Nathan anymore. [Sidebar: I called bullsh-t here because if she really thought that, she wouldn’t have told him she loved him or confirmed she was Audrey]. She tells him they just work together. That’s it. He’s fed up and tells her fine, he’ll see her at work.

He storms out and stands on the balcony for a beat and I yell at my TV that he better take his ass back inside and he does. He comes back in softer, catching the door so it doesn’t slam again, and she stands there silent, waiting. He tells her he doesn’t care what she is or who she is. “I love you,” he FINALLY tells her. She’s crying now and he races toward her and they kiss and kiss and then he lifts her onto the dresser and it’s hot and sweet and awesome. We pan outside to find the Tweedles watching from the woods. That’s NOT CREEPY AT ALL.

So, four years in, we’re finally here. And I’m completely down with the how. I wanted them to put everything on the table. I was just eating my hands after the finale last year when neither said they loved each other. Now there’s no backsies–they realize they’re dealing with a considerably stacked deck but to hell with it—they belong together. I’m sure something or somebody (or multiples thereof) will keep wrenching things, but it’s progress. I’m so glad Lucas Bryant and Emly Rose finally got to play this scene. I am digging having them onscreen together again–even when they’re yelling at each other–so much.

I’m glad we’re seeing that Nathan and Audrey have issues with the personas. Audrey’s never not going to be pissed that he slept with Sarah and she carried his child. He’s always going to be territorial about this bad girl who was so opposite to his good Audrey, even if at the end of the day, her memories never happened and she was never really Lexie with all her wild child ways–it still bugs him.

Haven 101 says there’s no show with the Troubles. And I’m guessing that the Tweedles aren’t the only ones who came through from the barn. I would bet we haven’t seen the last of William (my original theory’s still holding–stay tuned and I’ll share it at the end of the season, even if I am wrong).

Jennifer’s parentage is an interesting development–maybe she was born *in* the barn. I really don’t want her to be another child of Audrey’s, though, because then that gets into creepy cosmic breeder territory. So I’m voting for James with a baby mama who wasn’t the skinwalker.

So many threads at the halfway point and I love it. I feel like my show is back. Bring on a season five renewal already!

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  1. Kate

    Going from the previous episode into this one, if you didn’t think Wade was going to die. Boy were you in for a surprise. Duke putting the pieces together of his brother’s serial killer ways was just the beginning, and Wade threatening Jennifer was the end of it.

    Nathan and Audrey.. you love them and then you want to hate them..and then love them again. and throw things at the tv in the process.

    I’ve got questions I’m hoping will be answered in the remaining episodes.. and I hope the Tweedles are long gone by the end of them. 🙂

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