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What They Said

What They Said: Favorite Quotes from Scandal “A Woman Scorned” 

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

I’m still stunned at what went down in the latest episode of ABC’s Scandal. “A Woman Scorned” was a wonderfully exhausting hour of television, wasn’t it? 

  • It’s a day later and I’m still rather incoherent at the thought of Mellie going on national TV and letting the country know her husband’s cheating on her. I just didn’t think she would do it. I knew she was capable of it but I was like Fitz. I thought she’d blink at the last second. Silly me.
  • And there was Fitz, willing to give it all up for the woman he loves. There he and Olivia were, sitting on the couch, waiting the clock out. Wow.
  •  As much as I do think that Cyrus is a bad dude, I’m beyond glad he’s not the mole. I never thought he was but the show was trying real hard to make it seem like he was.
  •  And how about when the OPA group watched Mellie call her presidential hubby a cheater and then David Rosen looked at Harrison, Abby, Huck and Quinn and wondered out loud who Fitz could be “bangin’.” Everyone knew but David. Such a classic moment.
  •  I think my new favorite line of the entire series has to be when Olivia said to Fitz: “If you want me, EARN ME.” Just brilliant.

I don’t think I can really do this episode justice. Hence, what’s probably the longest edition of What They Said I’ve ever done. I practically transcribed the entire episode it was so deliciously good. Kudos to the writer, Zahir McGhee, on delivering an exciting episode. So relive the moments with a ton of favorite quotes from “A Woman Scorned”:

Photo Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

Jake: “I am a Naval officer. The President of the United States is my Commander-in-Chief and he has ordered me to ensure your safety. Were I to disobey his orders, I would face court martial and jail and possibly charges of treason as well–” Olivia: “This is Olivia Pope calling for the president. Yes. Thank you.” Fitz: “Good morning, Olivia.” Olivia: “Call off your puppy.” Jake: “I’d take pit bull or rottweiler but puppy? Come on, that’s low.”

James: “I could be the next Anderson Cooper. Because, come on, I could be the next Anderson Cooper. Don’t you think?”

Harrison: “We didn’t want to bother you while you were…” Abby: “Shaking off the crazy. It’s true.”

Cyrus (to Mellie): “I’m asking you to be an adult. Stop holding your breath. Quit stomping your feet. It’s time to pick up your toys like a good girl and act like the First Lady of the United States of America.”

Mellie: “Tell Fitz he has 36 hours to convince me in person that he regrets the unfortunate choices he’s made and truly wants to recommit himself to his wife and children. If he doesn’t, he will have the pleasure of seeing the First Lady of the United States call her husband a whore-loving bastard on national television.” Cyrus: “You wouldn’t.” Mellie: “Call my bluff, Cy. I dare you.”

Jake: “I’ve never seen where you work. It’s nice. Lots of character.” Olivia: “Stay out of my way, out of my business, and out of my office.” (slams door shut)

Cyrus (on the phone to Olivia): “How involved are you with Fitz, right now?” Olivia: “Excuse me?” Cyrus: “Have you seen him? Are you seeing him? Do you plan to see him? Or are you just doing the heavy breathing phone routine these days?”

Olivia: “I’m done with him, Cy.” Cyrus: “Done, done or heavy phone breathing done?” Olivia: “Done.”

Harrison: “We just need the simple stuff. Baseball or football? Vodka or bourbon? What does he do? What does he like?” Huck: “He likes uh…killing.” Olivia (to Jake with coffee mug in his hand): “Elevator! Anything else Huck?” Huck: “He likes sugar.” Olivia: “Sugar?” Huck: “Uh, sugar, pastries, doughnuts, bear claws, danish, those cinnamon pull-apart things…” Harrison: “Charlie the Killer likes breakfast pastries?”

Quinn (to David): “When you don’t have a badge, you gotta make friends.”

Cyrus: “Sir, I need you to focus on this.” Fitz: “I’m running a country.” Cyrus: “You won’t be running a country if you don’t do something about the incoming nuclear winter that is your wife.”

Fitz: “Cyrus, Mellie’s also stubborn.” Cyrus: “When I was a young man, I thought of owning a bookstore.” Fitz: “Explain the concept of mutual assured destruction to her.”

Fitz: “I need to see you.” Olivia: “No.” Fitz: “Come here to the White House right now.” Olivia: “No.” Fitz: “Fine. I’ll come to you.” Olivia: “What?” Fitz: “It’s rush hour but depending on how long it takes Tom and Hal to pull the car around I can be in your office in ten minutes. Are all of your people still there? Tell them to stick around. I’d love to say hello.”

Olivia: “Sitting down is not happening so what do you want?” Fitz: “You.” Olivia: “Goodbye, Mr. President.” Fitz: “Oh, come on!” Olivia: “You do not summon me!” Fitz: “You do not walk away from me!”

Olivia: “I’m done. I told you I was done. We’re over.” Fitz: “We are not over. We’re not ever going to be over. I’m never going to be over you.”

Olivia: “Your time as president will be over and you’re worried about getting your mistress back?” Fitz: “How many times do I need to tell you that you’re more than that? Come back to me. Forgive me. I love you.” Olivia: “Please stop. Please stop getting my hopes up. Just stop!” Fitz: “I can’t stop. I won’t. Olivia…” Olivia: “I am not a toy you can play with when you’re bored or lonely or horny. I am not the girl the guy gets at the end of the movie. I am not a fantasy. If you want me, EARN ME. Until then, we are done.”

Jake: “That sounded heavy. Not that I could hear what you were saying, exactly but…I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone raise a voice to the President of the United States before so whatever it was…” Olivia: “Leave me alone.”

Cyrus: “Flip the page.” Mellie: “It’s blank.” Cyrus:  ‘Cause that’s how much political capital you’ll have. After the whisper campaign we’ll start within the party about how you were complicit with the president’s affair; about how you were a frigid and a closeted lesbian; about how you tore the president down for your own political gain; it’ll be dirty and false and relentless. And by the time we’re done the PAC money will slow to a trickle and you won’t have so much as a frenemy — not inside the Beltway.”

Huck (to Olivia): “Charlie killed Amanda Tanner.”

Huck: “What I didn’t know until I went back through the phone log was who ordered him to do it.” Olivia: “Cyrus?” Huck: “Charlie’s been his guy for at least the last two years.” Olivia: “So why are you telling me this?” Huck: “Because the last woman that was sleeping with the president ended up dead in the Potomac. And I want you to stay alive.”

Cyrus: “What if I can get rid of Olivia Pope?”

David: “Just got off the phone with Judy McGavin. After she was done sharing her views on the similarities between Kate Chopin and E.L. James — all good points by the way — she told me something useful. Charlie was close with a woman named Tammy. The two of them always left together.” Abby: Tammy Blakely. You think…” Huck: “Charlie has a girlfriend?” Harrison: “Book lovers never go to bed alone.”

Jake: “That’s what you’re thinking. That I’m being disloyal to Fitz.” Olivia: “I wasn’t thinking anything about you. I don’t think about you.”

Olivia: “Why did you sleep with me?” Jake: “Because. You’re amazing. Because there’s something between us. Because I watched you on those cameras day in and day out and you never ceased…because I didn’t know you were the president’s girl.”

Jake: “How deep are you in with him? Olivia, I tell you something. You tell me something. How deep? (Olivia sets her glass of wine down and then kisses Jake) How deep?” Olivia: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Cyrus: “So we’re good. We’re okay…our marriage is okay?” James: “Why wouldn’t it be?”

Charlie: “Barbara, I…I completely agree with all the points you made. But frankly, I find the level of violence in 50 Shades more than a little bit disturbing.”

Tammy: “We’ve got a date later today at the bookstore. Gotta choose the next book for our club. I was thinking The Lovely Bones, but maybe that’s too dark.” Quinn: “Charlie likes dark.”

Cyrus: “The thing about Mellie right now. The thing that you don’t seem to realize is that she’s very dangerous right now. She’s a walking suitcase nuke waiting to go boom because she’s not thinking like the First Lady. She’s not thinking like the political animal I know she can be. Right now she’s thinking like a wife. She’s thinking like a woman scorned. She’s thinking like someone who’s hurt, has been broken one too many times. She’s a credible threat right now, sir, which is why there’s a BNC news satellite truck parked in front of Blair House as we speak. Time to fold, sir, and give. Give her what she wants. Just give her whatever she wants. You love this job? You love being president? You give for what you love. Give her the damn moon. Go to her. Save your presidency, sir. Because time is running out.”

Fitz: “I am here to find out what do you want. Do you want me? Or don’t you?” Olivia: “You don’t care that the clock is running out?” Fitz: “I’m gonna sit here and run out the clock with you.”

Fitz: “You can’t fix the fact that I love you. That I love you more than I love being president. I have told you that I’d give it all up for you again and again. Do you know what I think? I think you don’t believe me. I think you believe that I will never choose you. So this time, I’m fixing things. We are gonna sit here for the next 21 minutes. We’re gonna sit here and the clock on my marriage is going to run out. We’re going to run it out together. You’re gonna watch me run out this clock. You’re gonna sit here with me and watch me choose you.”  Olivia: “You wouldn’t.” Fitz: “I would. I will. I’m going to. Sit with me. Sit with me, Liv. Sit with me and run out the clock. Sit with me and watch me choose you. Watch me earn you.”

Fitz: “Time’s up. It’s done. Unless you don’t want me.” (Olivia and Fitz start kissing)

Harrison: “Albatross is someone else.” Quinn: “But who?”

Cyrus: “I don’t care if he’s on camera. You turn the damn camera off. You go to a commercial and you put him on the phone with me right now. I wanna talk to my freakin’ husband right now!”

Mellie: “After we had the baby, after the shooting, after I stood by him through the whole terrible ordeal, I found out that…my husband was unfaithful to me.” James: “You’re saying…” Mellie: “I’m saying my husband had an extramarital affair.” David: “Huh…wonder who he banged?” Harrison: “I got uh…” Huck: “Stuff.” Abby: “And…” (they all quickly walk out of the room)

Mellie: “And I just wanna ask the American people tonight in advance for their understanding and their forgiveness. No one’s marriage is perfect and I truly hope that given time and space Fitz and I will be able to repair what has been broken here and emerge from it stronger and more united than ever.”

Fitz (in the shower with Olivia): “Hi.” Olivia: “Hi.”

Only two more episodes of Scandal are left. It airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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