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Lena and Camille are Twins, The Returned “Camille” 

Photo Credit: Jean Claude Lother
Photo Credit: Jean Claude Lother

Is it weird to say I didn’t see that coming? Because even though this is a series about zombies and even though I know Camille (and the other returnees) have been gone for a while, I could not have predicted that twist. It was kind of awesome. I felt like we started off a bit slow, but I’m always happy to soak up the atmosphere and I do appreciate a slow build. It was interesting to see the aftermath of the bus crash, but it all felt tragic and muted – which is probably the way it’s supposed to feel. It was interesting to watch Camille’s parents, who are now separated, react to the return of their daughter. But Lena’s reaction was more extreme (and probably more appropriate given the situation). But as an audience, we couldn’t truly appreciate it until the very end of the episode.

Twins. Identical twins. I love that that little piece of information blindsided me. It was freaky enough to make me want to watch the next episode immediately. I wonder how the rest of the town will react to Camille’s return. I wonder if her return will help heal with family. But let’s back up for a moment. Lena and Camille were both scheduled to go on a school trip the day of the accident. Lena faked sick to stay home and lose her virginity to her boyfriend. The only problem? Well, there are a few problems here but the most pressing has to do with the twins. Lena and Camille seem to be the type of twins that can literally feel what the other is feeling, so Camille freaked out when her sister started having sex. In fact, she freaked out so much she tried to get off the bus while it was still in motion. But that’s not what caused the crash. Victor standing in the middle of the road is what caused the bus to veer off the road. Because the bus driver was distracted by Camille, he didn’t see Victor in the road until the last second.


  • Who are these other returnees and when are we going to learn their stories?
  • It seems like the other returnees have been gone for more than four years so why are they all back now? And what do they look like they haven’t aged at all?
  • Will any of the other children from the crash make it home to their families?
  • Who is Victor and why was he standing in the middle of the road on the day of the bus crash? Why is he targeting Julie and what does he want from her?
  • Who killed Lisa and why did he have to stab her so many times? That may have been a bit too gruesome for me.

The Returned airs Thursdays at 9/8c on the Sundance Channel.

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