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Get with the Program: Syfy’s Eureka 

Photo Credit: Eike Schroter/Syfy

Even though I’ve been aware of Eureka since its inception — and had even watched an episode here or there — I never made the Syfy series a permanent part of my TV viewing lineup…until now. I recently Got with the Program and watched the first half of Season 4 because I had heard about the game-changing event that propelled the show to the next level. I’m so happy I did because upon trying the series out this time, I got hooked and now I’m ready for Season 4.5.What’s truly enjoyable about Eureka is how smart it is; the cast chemistry is definitely an asset; and the whole way the Eureka timeline subtly changed after the trip back in time was handled brilliantly. It’s fascinating seeing how the characters deal with these changes and without trying to reveal anything to the rest of the Eureka residents.

So Henry all of a sudden finds himself with a wife where previously he had barely known the woman. I completely understand why he did ultimately let her in on the secret. Fargo is suddenly the put-upon head of Global Dynamics. Allison thinks she has it made when her son’s no longer autistic; however, raising an independent teenager is no fun and games either. Plus, she and Jack kissed while they were back in time and are now navigating a relationship that turned them from friends to much, much more.

Professionally, Deputy Jo Lupo is now head of security for Global Dynamics. Personally, things are more of a mess for this badass chick. Before the “change,” Zane had just asked her to marry him; and she hesitated on giving her answer. When she got back to the future, she was ready to say yes. Only in the new timeline, she and Zane had never even dated. Her plight has been one of the more intriguing stories to follow. It’s hard seeing her hold on to these emotions when she sees Zane flirting with Jack’s daughter. Their conversations are often awkward because they’re on two totally different wavelengths. Thankfully, they’re slowly getting on the same page. I’m excited to see what develops between these two as the season continues.

I’m also wondering what’s going to happen with the latest villain (played by Debrah Farentino of the late great soap Capitol) now that she’s targeting Jack. Thankfully, we won’t have to wonder for much longer. Eureka’s Season 4.5 premieres tonight on Syfy at 8/7C.

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