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Ten Best Moments from Scandal “Hunting Season” 

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Watching ABC’s Scandal is kind of exhausting. The people talk at an incessant pace, the action is constantly moving. In “Hunting Season” alone, scenes raced by going from Olivia Pope’s office to the White House to David’s apartment to a safe house to wherever the President was hunting to the apartment of an NSA employee that was found dead in her bed to a warehouse where Huck caught up to Artie to a bar where Harrison, Abby and Lindsay Quinn were having drinks etc. You get the gist. I love this fast-paced style. It’s exciting and even when it’s not you know the show is going to move on to something else tout de suite. I appreciate this.

Ten Best Moments from Scandal “Hunting Season”

1. Olivia and Fitz make out while the POTUS is out hunting. Fitz was one big ball of jealousy in this episode, wasn’t he? It made him do crazy things in this episode like drag Olivia out to where he was hunting, fit her with duck boots and then make out with her in front of his secret service bodyguards. He is a man out of control. But I love that about him. He has powerful and important things to take care of, but first he needs to confront Olivia about her old boyfriend. Love it.

2. Artie plays Olivia Pope. He was a lowly NSA stiff. But he tricked Olivia and Huck into doing his dirty work for him. He got his hands on Thorngate making Olivia look stupid. Thankfully, he didn’t get away with it. He should know better than to cross Huck.

3. Mellie gives Fitz an ultimatum. She knew exactly what she needed to do find out why her hubby was suddenly in a bad, bad mood. Olivia Pope was at the center of it all so she had to make herself clear. Do not see her again or she’ll make sure he doesn’t get a second term. Plus, she made her political aspirations clear, didn’t she? Hillary much?

4. Quinn gives Abby a piece of her mind. Abby was incessantly annoying the entire hour, not keeping her feelings about Quinn to herself. She kept calling Ms. Perkins Lindsay — her real name. And was her usual icy self as Quinn came back to work at the firm. At a bar, Quinn finally had enough and told Abby off. It was a cool moment. But you know what was cooler? When Harrison gets up to leave and says to Abby: “I’m Quinn, bitch.” Best line of the hour. Yeah, something is going to happen between Harrison and Quinn at some point. I’m sure of it.

5. Fitz realizes Cyrus has been keeping tabs on him. Early in the episode Fitz and Cyrus had a confrontation — the one where Cyrus told the president that he was “ticking.” He also said something about Olivia no longer taking Fitz’s calls. Towards the end of the hour, Fitz called him on how he knew he and Olivia were no longer engaging in those late night phone conversations. It turns out Cyrus was using that Thorngate program to spy on the president. That’s how he knew. Cyrus didn’t apologize for it. He needed to know why his boss/friend/whatever was ticking.

6. Fitz shows his jealousy and takes care of Olivia’s former flame. Olivia’s old boyfriend happened to be a senator on the Intelligence committee. After Fitz saw a cozy pic of Olivia and Edison, the handsome senator was no longer on the committee and his ethics were being investigated. But Fitz’s plan backfired because Edison is now Olivia’s client. The two will be closer than ever. Oh, what a tangled web we weave, Mr. President.

7. Abby and David sleep together. OK, I still have major issues with Abby. She’s harsh, unforgiving and over-the-top judgmental. She can never sit back and see things from a different perspective. The different perspective has to be shoved in her face. But I will say that sleeping with the enemy, so to speak, is an interesting development. David knows the whole Quinn Perkins case is sketchy. He may have been wrong about her murdering her ex and all those co-workers of his, but he feels he has stumbled upon something bigger. And with Abby doubting Olivia’s greatness these days, she may be the perfect resource for David to tap. Pun intended.

8. Every scene with Alissa and David. I just adore Alissa, I hope she gets more airtime in the future. She’s a sounding board for the suddenly unemployed one but she’s also fierce, fashionable and fun. She’s a refreshing presence on the show and I like her dynamics with David.

9. Huck takes care of Artie. Huck’s more violent urges came to the surface in “Hunting Season.” Artie used Huck to do what he couldn’t — because of him, Hornbacher had his hands on the Thorngate program so he could sell it to the highest bidder. Olivia finagled some time out of the NSA — if they delivered Artie by noon the next day, they’re even and Olivia and her associates would not have to be detained and questioned for treason and harboring a fugitive. Well, Huck delivered, of course. He traced his watch that Artie stole and — according to the supreme hacker — he only hurt Artie a little bit. Huck is so beautifully badass, isn’t he? Speaking of which…

10. The Huck and Olivia moment in the garage. Huck was worried about Olivia plus he had to fill her in on the Artie business so he met her at her car in the garage. Told her there’s no more walking alone to her car. She wonders about him — wants to know if he’s OK. We know Huck shows up to AA to deal with his addiction. But not to alcohol. To violence and he constantly battles the urge to cause injury and pain. In the garage, there was none of that. There were two people that understood each other. That would do anything for each other. And they probably keep each other in check too. Huck and Olivia’s relationship is one of my favorite aspects of Scandal.

Oh and one more thing. I’m mad that Alissa told David to shave. I liked him all scruffy. He needs the scruff back.

Scandal airs Thursdays at 10/9c on ABC.

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