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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Unexpected Goodness: Damon Talks to [SPOILER], The Vampire Diaries “Memorial” 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

With a name like “Memorial,” this episode was bound to be a tearjerker. It was a wonderful hour of television — much better than the season premiere the week before. Watching Elena adjust to life as a vampire was fascinating as was witnessing her turn to both brothers, who, of course, had completely different philosophies on how she should handle the bloodlust.

There were great moments all throughout the episode — our very own Heather M. recapped the whole thing. For me, one moment in particular, needed to be singled out. And that was the very end of the hour. Seeing the late great Alaric sit near his friend and listen to a ranting Damon made me feel pure joy. The fact I had no idea this was going down made everything so much more satisfying, especially knowing Matt Davis [the actor who plays Alaric], has moved on to a different CW show called Cult.

I just love those moments that catch you unexpectedly. With so many spoilers out there today, it’s hard to simply be shocked, stunned or surprised. I have mostly stayed away from scoops of The Vampire Diaries variety, so if there was any sort of tease to a big appearance in “Memorial,” consider me unaware.

And that’s why Damon drinking in front of Alaric’s grave lamenting the “kids” and their need to publicly grieve and heal together was heartbreaking. Because Damon doesn’t have a lot of friends or people he connects with easily. He and Alaric had a rocky relationship but their bromance was epic.

Earlier in “Memorial,” we saw Damon drinking at the bar. First, Sheriff Forbes and then Elena tried to sit down on the barstool next to him. He said it was taken. At first, I didn’t realize why he wouldn’t let them sit down in that specific seat. They both had to move to the chair on the other side of him. And then it  became so clear.

Damon didn’t want to take part in the group sending Japanese lanterns up into the sky in memory of everyone they had lost. He dealt with his grief issues in an oh so very Damon way. He drank and vented and talked to his friend as if he was there. And you know what? Alaric was.

When the camera panned over and revealed the former vampire hunter, I gasped and instantly teared up. How many times can a TV show elicit such a visceral reaction? It was such a gratifying moment to see Alaric right there beside his vampire buddy. The two should never have been friends but they were. And what’s great is that the show let Damon feel the loss. And it let us feel the loss as well. Wow. What a memorable scene. And the emotional capper on the whole thing was when Alaric actually spoke and said: “I miss you too, buddy.”

RIP the Damon and Alaric bromance. May ghosts overrun Mystic Falls again (like in season 3’s “Ghost World”) so that these two can meet and be great again.

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursdays at 8/7c on the CW.

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