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We Need to Know: Who is the Leak in Brenda’s Department on The Closer? 

Photo Credit: TNT

I’m glad we don’t know who the mole is yet and here’s why: we’ve got six more episodes to go before the series (at least in this form) is over. I think it would be boring to follow the regular case-of-the-week format without the added intrigue of a traitor in Deputy Chief Johnson’s midst. What I didn’t particularly enjoy in “Silent Witness” was all the attention and focus on wondering who the mole might be. There were too many lingering looks, too much time on shots of the detectives that didn’t forward the story. I didn’t like it.

We know there’s a mole. We know everyone in Major Crimes knows there’s a mole. Stop hitting us over the head with it already, especially if we’re not getting any new information on who that person  might be. I know Brenda thinks everyone in her squad is her friend. Guess what? Some friends betray you (which was made painfully clear with the death of J Rock). I want Brenda to suck it up and be Brenda. She knows how to get people to tell her what she wants to know. I want her to put her feelings aside and root out that mole.

Photo Credit: TNT

I will admit that I really like this twist. I would’ve never thought someone in Brenda’s department would sell her out like that. Yes, there were issues with her team when she first moved to LA to take the job. But we haven’t really seen any problems since then. Maybe the occasional flare up but everyone respects Brenda, or so we thought. I have no idea who the leak might be and I like that. I want to discover the facts as they become available to Brenda, I want to solve this case with her. We’ve got six more episodes and I’d like to see Brenda go out in a blaze of glory. I’d like to see the Johnson Rule rescinded and I’d like to see her end the career of whoever’s been undermining her and her team. And I’m excited for the next chapter. I know I’ll be watching Major Crimes (or whatever they call the sequel to The Closer). Will you?

All photos courtesy of TNT. The Closer returns in Summer 2012.

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