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What We Learned in Haven: “Magic Hour (Part One)” [VIDEO] 

Photo Credit: Syfy

Oh my God, y’all. If you didn’t catch the first part of “Magic Hour,” you most definitely will have to before you watch the followup tomorrow night. Thankfully it’s online.

Go watch and come back. I’ll wait.

Really. Go watch.

OK, now. OH MY GOD, right?

A dear friend of mine and I used to joke about “They killed Mulder!” because we knew there was no X-Files without him. This was at the end of season two, long before there was ever a season nine, so cut us some slack on that.

In the closing moments of the episode, Nathan was shot. That in itself was jarring (only if you hadn’t seen the previews and twigged at about minute 57, “hey that scene with Audrey and Nathan and Duke on the ground hasn’t happened yet”). Even more jarring, the trigger man was new detective Tommy, who it also turns out, is (or maybe he isn’t; I trust no one) the bolt gun killer.

Never you mind that we saw the tattoo on a white man’s arm in the ATM footage. So poor, dumb Nathan finds the bolt gun, accuses Tommy, and Tommy puts two in his chest. Thankfully there’s a Troubled person running around who can bring him back to life–if they can find her.

And we finally see Audrey lose her damn mind. I was most taken, though, that Duke got to Nathan first when he saw him on the ground and it took Audrey a beat to realize what she was seeing before her feet started moving.


Photo credit: Syfy

Also in the category of mind-blowing, Audrey puts the moves on Duke but stops herself before it goes somewhere irreparable (for her relationship with Duke or Nathan). I was actually OK with this because I think it fell into the category of if they never kissed they’d always wonder, and Duke was perfectly hilarious about all of it.

AND we found out that Lucy loved the Colorado Kid because he was Sarah’s son.

So, there was A LOT in this episode. I’m not sure which of these events made the biggest impact. I certainly can’t try to blender it to figure out where the hell we’re going next because it makes my head and heart hurt.

It matters little because I’m in love this show.

I’m telling you right now, though, that if Nathan is somehow a blood relative of Lucy/Sarah, and that has been his connection to Audrey all along, I will punch my television. I’ll also be less than amused if the seeming void between Nathan and Audrey has been a fakeout and they’ve been working together all along offscreen.  Because, really, we’ve had a running tally of them spending less than ten minutes together in each episode and it’s been breaking my heart to watch them unable to have a real conversation with each other.

And P.S., even after we get through this week’s episode, we’ve been promised a doozy of an emotional wallop with the episode that will follow it. That’s the one the cast and crew have raved about as their most bestest favorite of the season. Just so you know. We are so not getting out of this yet.

P.P.S. To continue traumatizing you, Syfy has put the preview for and a clip of “Magic Hour” part two online. Hold me.

Haven airs Fridays at 10 pm/9c on Syfy.

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