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White Collar’s Season 4 Premiere: Thoughts while watching “Wanted” 

Photo Credit: Javier Pesquera/USA Network
  • Mekhi Phifer guest stars as the fed going after Neal. I’m kinda sorta having flashbacks of his Torchwood: Miracle Day character. It’s a little too soon for me to see him in another role like that one. Instead of going after Captain Jack, he’s going after our favorite fugitive, Neal Caffrey.
  • Oh look, James Rebhorn. White Collar has my permission to use him as much as possible. To this day, I still remember him best as the dastardly Bradley Raines from the daytime soap Guiding Light. Don’t judge.
  • OK, shirtless Neal. Getting out of a pool. I’m liking this new season of White Collar already. We’re only five minutes into the premiere.
  • We just saw shirtless Neal but the shot that took my breath away was when he put on the hat in the shop. The music was fun. His piercing blue eyes were simply perfection. I’m liking this fugitive Neal business.
  • When in island mode, Neal gets all flirty with one of the locals. I can’t help but think of Sara. Sue me.
  • Still the old show open we know and love. I can’t help but think they’re still going to pull a switcheroo on us. That brief flirtation with a new White Collar open scarred me a little bit.
  • It’s been six weeks since Neal and Peter were still partners. Too long. But I’m excited to see how they reunite.
Gregg Henry
  • Gregg Henry sighting. He’s a local bigwig (Henry Dobbs) that Mozzie brings Neal to for help. Apparently he’s the man around these parts. I love Gregg Henry. Henry was in “The Train Job” episode of Firefly; he’s been in everything from Castle to 24 to Gilmore Girls; most recently he was Chief Director of the U.S. Marshals on A&E’s Breakout Kings. His character was last seen trying to put the screws to Ray after the Marshal killed serial killer Damien Fontleroy. Of course, Breakout Kings was canceled after season two so we’ll never know if he got his way.
  • So glad Judith Ivey is back as Neal’s dad’s ex-partner.
  • Neal is really rolling out the romantic red carpet for the café woman. Building the NY skyline out of plaster molds and sand? Priceless. And hot.
  • “I’ll never be an open book. But New York was a pretty big chapter.” I love that line.
  • Neal and Maya playing 20 questions is a pretty cute scene. She gets to know a little bit about this guy who is going out of his way to woo her.
  • Elizabeth Burke is so frickin’ fierce. Of course she can get E. Parker to talk to her husband. It’s a new season but she continues to be badass.
  • Peter is showing me how much he cares about Neal and how much he respects Neal even though he’s a fugitive. It’s so refreshing after a season where they weren’t always on the same page.
  • I can’t believe they’re showing Neal shirtless again. In the same episode. Apparently Neal’s willingness to answer 20 questions got him the girl.
Mia Maestro
  • Mia Maestro is playing Maya. I think I know her best from her Alias days when she played Nadia Santos, Sydney Bristow’s half sister.
  • Peter finally gets a hold of Neal and warns him about Mekhi Phifer’s Agent Collins who’s on a mission to get Neal by any means necessary. Love how Peter’s confident he and Neal will be reunited. Neal, on the other hand, thinks their partnership is over. He should know better. You can tell, however, that Neal misses Peter something fierce.
  • I love Mozzie. That’s all.
Photo Credit: Javier Pesquera/USA Network
  • Both Mozzie and Neal look so good under the island sun.
  • I hope we get some quality airtime for Jones and Diana this season.
  • Collins is such a jerk. In his next role, I want Phifer to play someone likable.
  • Trying to find and to warn Neal just got Peter put on leave from the FBI. He’s such a good friend.
  • “You run, I run. That’s the deal.” — Go Moz! That line has a Backdraft feel to it. In that movie the firefighters had each other’s backs saying: “You go…we go…”
  • Sometimes Peter knows Neal so well. He knew the hat guy would know where and who Neal was.
  • “It’s a long way to come to say you’re sorry.” “He’s a good friend. He’s worth it.” I don’t think Peter could be any cuter.
  • Reunited and we get a hug. Neal looks like he doesn’t want to give into the hug at first. But he does.
  • Neal goes to Dobbs for help. He so shouldn’t have.There’s no honor among thieves.
  • How great are Peter/Mozzie scenes? I’ve grown to love them.
  • A White Collar cliffhanger to end the premiere? Love it. But the next episode needs to get here now. Hopefully, Peter will be able to save Neal from Collins.

White Collar airs Tuesdays on USA Network at 9/8c.

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