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Damages “You Want To End This Once And For All?” 

Photo Credit: DirecTV

I can’t believe it’s the fifth and final season of Damages. It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Ellen will finally get her day in court with Patty. In fact, she might get two days in court if we believe Ellen’s still alive. Right now the police say she’s missing. But, of course, we saw her in the alley, eyes open with what looked like blood on the ground beneath her head. I’ve always loved the structure of this show – how it jumps back and forth between now and the future. We’ve been tricked before into thinking someone was dead so I’m going to take a wait and see approach. Until then let’s try to digest what we know so far.

Photo Credit: DirecTV

Ellen’s got something going on with Chris Sanchez. I love seeing Chris Messina back on the show. I didn’t think anything would happen between them, especially after all Chris went through last season. Yes, he’s damaged but I think he could be really good for Ellen. But considering her history with guys, I’ll just be happy if she’s able to make a meaningful (and maybe even long term connection) with someone. She deserves some happiness in her personal life.

The custody battle between Patty and Michael heats up. Part of me wants to see how far Patty will go with this. Judd Hirsch‘s Bill Herndon tells it like it is and it makes you wonder if Patty would give Catherine up to keep her secrets private. But the old woman (in the words of Ryan Phillippe‘s Channing McClaren) still has a lot of fight left in her. I think she will do everything in her power to hold on to Catherine by any means necessary. No one beats Patty Hewes – in court or in life. Patty’s won a small battle for now in getting Ellen dismissed as a witness in the custody hearing, but we know something happens to allow her testify against Patty – or least be scheduled to testify against her.

Patty vs. Ellen. I can’t wait until they have their day in court. I’m interested in learning more about McClaren and how his operation works, but more than that I like that this is also the story of the whistleblower and how her life was ruined by trusting the wrong person (or people). Before we get to court, I’m interested in exploring how we got to this point. And when this does go to court, it would be a great display. Patty has decades of experience, but Ellen’s got nothing to lose. I’m looking forward to all the behind-the-scenes machinations of this case. What’s the real story here? Why was Jenna Elfman‘s Naomi Walling exposed like that when she was promised anonymity? Who killed her and why? Was it someone affiliated with Princefield or did someone working for Patty stage the “suicide?” Whatever the story, I look forward to the uncovering of it as the season progresses.

Random Questions

  • Why is Ellen basically living in her office? Doesn’t she have an apartment?
  • How did I not know John Hannah was in this? He plays McClaren’s right hand man Rutger Simon, but I wonder if he had any role in what happened to Naomi Walling and what his end game is.
  • Patty thinks Ellen hates her, but I wonder if that’s true. What does Ellen think she’ll accomplish by facing off with Patty in court? Will it bring her closure? Does she want to hand Patty (what I’m assuming would be) her first loss in court? Does Patty think Ellen has a chance against her?

Whatever the season brings, I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this story. I hope Ellen makes it out alive. I’m not sure what’s in store for Patty, but I want to see her pay for at least one of her crimes. I don’t want her in jail, but I feel like she needs to suffer.

Damages airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on the Audience Network. All photos courtesy of DirecTV.

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