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Nikita Season 2 Finale: “Homecoming” 

Photo credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW

We’ve known for weeks that the season two finale was going to be epic, and we’d had the very bad cast tease us mercilessly there would be a body count. Well, they were right on both counts.

The series hit a reset in a major way, and if the CW had closed the door last week, instead of happily greenlighting a third season, we’d have been OK because it left with Nikita and co. alive and well and embarking on a daring new path on their own terms.

That Percy and Roan had to fall for Nikita to rise was pretty much a given, but the getting there was worth the watch tonight as Nikita and Michael had to run from Division and then turn around and face all of them with the cold hard truth that there were 205 U. S. Marines ready to storm the castle because they were the enemy of the government they thought they served.

It was a sobering life lesson for the recruits who’d walked the same life-altering path Nikita had so long ago. In the end, she seizes the opportunity to make Division what Carla intended all along, with Michael, Birkhoff, Alex, Sean, and Ryan at her side. First mission: Amanda is out there with an unencrypted Black Box.

When the time comes for Percy and Roan, they go down swinging and their deaths are as brutal as the violence they inflicted on their victims. That Percy put one last beat down on Nikita in front of armed Marines and the vice president of the United States because he thought nobody could kill him was a big mistake. When Nikita realized his death would send a signal to Roan that Birkhoff could track, it was immensely satisfying to watch her drop him back into the hole he crawled out of.

In two cute side arcs, Birkhoff finally takes the blinders off of Sonya about who she works for so that she’ll help him track Roan and then rewards her with a sweeping dip-and-kiss on the Division ops floor in front of God and everybody.

While Sean and Alex are pinned down in the barn, he stumbles over asking her out and then she teases him for the rest of the hour that he didn’t actually get the words out.  It’s all over her face that the answer is “yes,” but she’s going to make him work for it.

My only quibble about the pretty flawless hour is that it was fairly flash-back heavy and I think that was probably a necessary evil to explain to the casual or season two viewers what Division was to Nikita. It would all certainly be going through her mind, I just didn’t expect it onscreen so much.

In the end, it directly tied into Nikita and Michael’s decision a couple of episodes back to call their new headquarters “homequarters” and a lovely sunrise scene with Nikita explaining to Michael why they have to stay—that despite its flaws, Division had been her home, it was where she grew up, it had made her who she was. She gently reminds him that it was where she fell in love with him. With a simple kiss, he seems to agree to honor her wishes.

(Sidebar: I think this conversation was added later because Maggie Q’s hair and clothes go right back to what they’d been for the whole episode in the next scene when Nikita has to break it Alex that they’re diving back in the rabbit hole again.)

Kudos all around to the cast and crew. I have to give props to the ladies, Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca, who seemed to have the ever living sh-t kicked out of them at every turn. The boys got off light—Noah Bean did a lot of walk and talk on the phone and Aaron Stanford did a lot of sit and talk into comms (which I’m totally OK with/I was worried for Birkhoff before the episode because I do love my nerd and that Aaron Stanford is a cheeky bastard who Tweeted he could neither confirm nor deny he was leaving) while Shane West seemed to be the one who was underused to make room for everybody else. Dillon Casey and Rob Stewart did have a pretty handsy last showdown, though.

So we go into season three with Division an acknowledged government agency, Ryan in Percy’s chair (now we know why Bean was upped to regular this week), and Nikita in Amanda’s. Can’t wait.

Nikita returns in October, and it keeps its Friday berth but will move one hour back to 9 pm/8c.

Happy hiatus!

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