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Game Changer: Nick’s Mom Is Alive, Grimm “Woman in Black” 

Photo Credit: NBC

That was not what I was expecting, and I mean that in a good way. Hank is having some doubts about his sanity, Nick finally tells Juliette his secret, the man who had a hand in killing Nick’s parents is killed, and in the best reveal of the episode Nick discovers his mom is still alive… because she’s standing right in front of him. I really didn’t see that coming. Since the show had already established that Nick’s parents were dead, I thought his Aunt Marie was the last family he had. When she died he seemed truly on his own. Now that his mother’s back she’s got so much explaining to do. I want to know why she had to abandon her child and why for so long, how long it takes for her to gain her son’s trust again (if that’s possible), how she can make him a better Grimm, and whether or not she plans to stick around. Family can be so complicated.

And while I loved that reveal, let’s take a step back and talk about some other interesting developments from “Woman in Black.” Let’s start with Hank. Just like Juliette, I think it’s only a matter of time before Nick has to clue his partner in. Hank is not in a good place right now. He heard a noise in his closet – granted his place was trashed and he had every right to be spooked – and fired three shots into it. He’s freaked and for good reason. If he’d been home when Akira Kimura had been there he’d be dead. I really like Hank and Nick’s partnership so I hope Nick will find a way to erase his memory (which I think is kinder) or bring him into this world.

Photo Credit: NBC

I think Nick waited too long to tell Juliette his secret. Not only did he not tell her before he proposed, which I think was a huge mistake, but he also waited too far into this episode to tell her. I know Nick loves Juliette but I think it’s important to go into a marriage knowing the whole truth about the person you’re going to marry; I guess I’m old-fashioned. I was surprised but happy when Juliette turned his proposal down earlier this year. She loves him but she knew he wasn’t being honest with her about something. And in “Woman in Black” Juliette knows he’s still keeping something from her. When he decides to take her to the trailer and talk about the Grimm legacy she thinks he’s crazy. We know he’s not but she can’t see the things he can. Before Monroe can show her what he really is, she faints. I kind of like that Adelinde’s still making trouble, but I hope it doesn’t cost Juliette her life.

Questions to Ponder

  • How long will Nick’s mom stick around? How will she explain her absence? What can she teach her son?
  • Will Juliette be ok? Will she remember Nick’s confession when and if she wakes up? Is there any way she can stay in Nick’s life and not be in danger?
  • Will Hank be ok? Will Nick find a way to wipe Hank’s memory or help him understand what he’s seen?
  • What’s the whole backstory on Captain Renard? Will Nick ever learn who he really is and how will that affect their relationship?
  • What about Nick? How will his mother’s return affect him? What’s he going to do about Juliette? Or about Hank?

Season 2 of Grimm returns in the fall. Photos credited to NBC.

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