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Moment of Goodness

Three Moments of Goodness from Cougar Town “A One Story Town” 

Richard Cartwright/ABC

In “A One Story Town,” the gang bands together to help Bobby get the girl. It’s a mission Jules chooses to accept. And for good reason, too. Legend has it, Bobby Cobb is so nervous and awkward with someone he’s interested in, he can barely speak or do anything right. That is, until the first kiss. That’s when his charm, his smile, and his expert kissing skills help capture a woman’s heart. It worked with Jules. Will it work again? During the course of executing Jules’ intricate plan to create the perfect date for Angie and her ex-hubby, there are highs and lows (well, mostly lows) until things finally come together. Some highlights:

  • At the crowded Crab Fest, Jules uses Tom’s “sparkling” personality to drive Canadian diners (the dreaded Quebecers) away so Jules and her friends can slip into the suddenly empty table and eat in peace. It’s almost like fireworks, he’s able to repel tables in droves one table after another. Poor Tom. But, at least, his “group exploder” powers are being used for good.
  • Both Jules and Bobby laughing at the “I Got Crabs in Gulfhaven” t-shirts.
  • Ellie gives Angie a piggy back ride because she has a soft spot for Bobby.
  • Laurie gets arrested because she sets off her ankle monitor when she goes accidentally travels outside city limits.
  • Travis. Andy. Penny Can. Helmet. Spray Paint. Things get out of control and in order to break up the fight, Bobby’s forced to take his shirt off. Because that’s how they do it in the movie, Roadhouse.
  • Grayson’s insecurities flare up after Jules sort of confesses he’s the seventh best kisser she’s ever been with and Bobby’s tops in her book. The guy’s not even the runner-up. Ouch.
  • Travis’ friend from Hawaii named Ted shows up at Jules’ with his group known as the Peons. They pretty much make themselves comfortable in her house and start doing creepy things like smelling her toothbrush. Gross.

“A One Story Town” is fun, hilarious and heartwarming. Three specific moments are our absolute favorites. The first one’s funny; the second is swoon-worthy; and the final Moment of Goodness is epic.

Richard Cartwright/ABC
  • The Tom Cruise Run. Jules talks about the way she loves how Tom Cruise runs in his action movies. It’s full bodied and intense and the arms do a large part of the work — it’s like he karate chops the air. How awesome is it when the BFFs are mid-Tom Cruise run and they decide to take a curve? Later, Jules uses those running skills again when she needs to rush home and grab the Peons and get them to the scene where she hopes to cement Bobby and Angie’s status as a couple. Tom Cruise would be proud.
Richard Cartwright/ABC
  • Bobby Kisses the Girl. The stage is set for one last try to get Bobby and Angie together. It’s all going down at the Plaza. The man of the moment is there, as are all his friends. Thanks to Sarge (Ellie), Angie is there too. Ted and the Peons are in position — huffing and puffing fresh off their Tom Cruise run — but they are in position. And Tom, once more, explodes the area and causes all Crab Fest goers and “stupid Quebecers” to leave the area. The Peons start singing “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid (Best. Song. Ever.) and Bobby and Angie look at each other from across the way and start to slowly walk towards each other. Well, Angie’s walking rather gingerly, because she has minor burns on her thighs from the soup Bobby spilled on her. Anyway, the two make their way to each other. Angie realizes this was all set up for her. Bobby tells her she’s worth it and they share a magical kiss. He follows it up with his go-to line: “That was fun. You want to do it again?” And they did. So sweet. Bobby deserves some happiness in his life. Glad he’s finally getting it.


  • The surprise mini-Scrubs Reunion. The title card basically said this episode was Scrubs set in Florida, so I knew we were in for a treat. Let’s start with Ted’s Band (although they went by a few different names on Scrubs and even released an album into the real world). They make a pit stop in Cougar Town on their way to Disneyland. Jules hates acapella, but the guys come in handy when Jules and gang have to pull out all the stops to help Bobby woo Angie. But the tag at the end is Scrublicious. Ted says Ellie (Jordan) and Angie (Elliot) look like people he used to work with, and then they start acting like their old characters. We also see Jules’ dad (Kelso), the pizza guy (J.D.), and a random guy (the Todd). The only other cameo that could’ve made it even more awesome would’ve been to see Dr. Cox and/or Janitor. I love that Ted kind of turned into his old character – sweaty and awkward. So good.

Cougar Town airs Tuesdays on ABC at 8:30/7:30c.

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