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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Nick Goes Daredevil to Catch a Wesen on NBC’s Grimm “Mr. Sandman” 

Moment of Goodness: Nick Goes Daredevil to Catch a Wesen on NBC’s Grimm “Mr. Sandman”
Photo Credit: Michael Muller/NBC

GrimmI’m totally digging season 2 of NBC’s Grimm. Sure, the show’s schedule has been uber weird. The second season started in August with the Summer Olympics. After four episodes, it went on a three-week hiatus only to return with eight new ones. Once those were done, the show didn’t air again for almost FOUR MONTHS. You heard me.

There are so many reasons why I’m happy this show is back on the air:

Photo Credit: Michael Muller/NBC
Photo Credit: Michael Muller/NBC
  • I was reminded how amazing it is to have Hank in on all the action. He knows what’s going on with Nick. He knows who Monroe is. He’s been inducted into this world and it’s a beautiful thing.
  • Now Nick has been clued into the Renard situation. And that’s a beautiful thing too. I’m so glad they didn’t drag it out for even longer. This is going to be a relationship that’s a precarious one. There’s going to be some major trust issues because Renard still remains a mystery. But, for now, they seem (emphasis on seem) to be working on the same side.
  • In “Mr. Sandman” I just relished the fact that Nick, Monroe, Rosalee and Hank were all working together. They protect each other; they’ll go to the ends of the earth to make sure each other stays safe.
  • As for Juliette, as long as she doesn’t have her memory, she’s going to remain on the outside. That’s a little frustrating but it’s clear she’s on the road to remembering. I think she just needs to give into these hallucinations or whatever she’s experiencing and she’ll get her memories back. Love how the most recent hallucination turned out to look like Nick.
  • I’m really happy that Claire Coffee is on board as a series regular. Adalind’s so twisted and always seems like she’s one second away from going off the deep end even as she strives to be in control. That creepy/evil smile/smirk she constantly has on her face is awesome.

OK. On to my Moment of Goodness. In “Mr. Sandman” the Wesen of the Week was a fly-like creature who in human form was a pretty handsome dude (played by Kieren Hutchison of One Tree Hill fame). Anyway, he feeds off grief and tears and blinds his victims infecting them with these worm-like parasites that eat away at their eyes and leaves sand in their wake. It also leaves their eyes looking swollen and red and totally gross.

Photo Credit: Michael Muller/NBC
Photo Credit: Michael Muller/NBC

Anyway, after Nick catches up to Andre, the Grimm is blinded. What I loved most was how Nick’s other senses — namely his hearing — stepped up to compensate for his lack of eyesight. As far as we know, this wasn’t happening in the other victims. It all culminated when he had to battle Mr. Sandman without the use of his eyes. And he won. Monroe was able to spoon out Andre’s fly eye and Rosalee was able to cure Nick.

What’s even better is that once he got his sight back, those Daredevil-like skills never went away. So the Moment of Goodness, to me, was that last scene where Nick was blindfolded and Monroe was throwing up melons (or whatever they were). And the Grimm simply used his increased sense of hearing to smash those melons with a bat. He got every single one. So frakkin’ badass.

Monroe: “I hate to say it, man, I think those little red worms might actually have done you some good.”

That knowing smirk on Nick’s face was brilliant. This seems like a permanent addition to the Grimm’s skill set. Will he add even discover more talents in the future? Inquiring minds want to know. And is it just me or is David Giuntoli getting better and fiercer with each new episode? Love him.

Grimm airs Fridays at 9/8c on NBC.

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