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Moment of Goodness

Twisty Goodness: Victoria Does Have a Heart, Revenge “Betrayal” 

Photo Credit: ABC

Consider me hooked on ABC’s Revenge. Actually, it happened from the very first episode, but each week since, this show has only validated my instant love and — okay — obsession. I’m completely enjoying Emily waging war on the people who destroyed her father’s life. So, the weekly revenge is totally working; the long-range revenge she’s got going on against the main instigators — the Grayson family — is working too. I love it when Emily and Victoria have scenes together. It’s reminiscent of when Alexis and Krystle battled it out on the late great primetime soap, Dynasty. And that’s a good thing in my book, although Emily and Victoria still have a ways to go to reach Alexis vs. Krystle territory. The drama gets even more delicious when Grayson runs into Thorne; the (not so) underlying viciousness is palpable and awesome. Who knows, sooner or later, the Emily/Victoria scenes could reach legendary status too.

Emily VanCamp is one of those actresses who basically has chemistry with any actor you put her with — in this case, she’s got it going on with poor little rich boy Daniel Grayson (played by the adorable Josh Bowman). But she’s got even more of it when she’s with Jack Porter (played by the extremely dreamy Nick Wechsler). Those two are meant to be together. But there’s no way that’s going to happen (for real) until she puts this revenge business to bed.

Photo Credit: ABC

The twisty goodness that occurred in “Betrayal,” was finding out Victoria’s heart isn’t completely made out of ice. We already had an inkling; we knew she had had an affair with David Clarke, Amanda’s dad. And in this episode, we realize there was real love there. But I had wondered how she went from sleeping with him into treating him like the enemy of the world.

It turns out, back in the day during the trial, she went to the then district attorney saying she could prove David was innocent. Conrad didn’t let it happen — probably because he knew his wife was in love with the defendant. Fast forward to the present and the bitterness that resides between Victoria and Conrad is understandable. The two have stayed together even though love seems to be absent and bitterness, pettiness and ugliness reigns instead.

Emily knows Victoria was going to try to free her dad but it didn’t happen. Will she save the worst of her revenge for Conrad and temper it when it comes to Victoria? Or will she go balls out and create a whole world of destruction for them all? We already sorta know where it’s going but I’m still hella curious to find out the specifics. I will be watching and hope you will be too.

Revenge airs Wednesdays on ABC at 10/9c.

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