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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Ava Gets Her Mad On, Justified “Loose Ends” 

Photo Credit: FX
Photo Credit: FX

Ava had herself quite the night in this week’s episode. So many moments of goodness that we couldn’t choose just one, but we are so glad she (finally) came off the bench in a big, big way.

Ava Meets Raylan

Ava comes to the bar seeking favors on behalf of Boyd, and not only is Raylan receptive, but he actually stands up to greet her, doffs his hat, and surprises her with a very cute straightforward kiss.

Ava Rescues Ellen May

When Ellen May arrives bruised, beaten, and terrified at her door, Ava takes her in without a moment’s hesitation. We don’t have the whole background of why Ava’s so opposed to prostitution but it is all over Joelle Carter‘s face when Ava stares down at Ellen May and her features crumple.

Johnny Tells Ava No

Ava consults Johnny about needing to keep Ellen May safe from Delroy and he tells her no. When she suggests Ellen May can live with him, he makes a none-too-subtle reference to his preference for blondes (especially the one standing opposite him at the bar, which seems a sure way to have Boyd kill him). Then he tells her that she can’t keep Ellen May safe because Delroy is paying Boyd for protection.

Ava Baits and Kills Delroy

Ava calls Johnny’s bluff and phones Delroy, giving up Ellen May and demanding a $2K finders fee. She wakes Ellen May up, and toting a shotgun, binds her hands and drags her shrieking into the bar, where Delroy waits. As soon as he sets his gun on the bar, Ava fires on him, and Ellen May realizes she’s saved. Then Ava’s all business–they have to clean it up (this isn’t her first time, after all).

Ava Takes a Job

Ava lays out the facts of her evening for Boyd and he listens calmly and agrees with what she did. She tells him the girls will need minding to keep any other monsters at bay, and he agrees with that, too, but reminds her that she asked him not to run prostitutes. She tells him she didn’t mean him, she meant her. He’s impressed and terrified at what that means.

So many good scenes for Carter–it’s like we had to wait all season for her arc, and when we got it, it was a doozy. We’re quickly winding down the third season, but season four was just greenlit. I love the idea of Ava coming into her own a la Mags Bennett. Girlfriend can wield a gun and hold her ground, and she’s bedded and bested both our hero and villain. She’s been on a slow burn and now the gloves are coming off. Can’t wait.

P.S. Love, love, love that the episode was written and directed by two women, Ingrid Escajeda and Gwyneth Horder-Payton. You go, ladies!

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