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Game of Thrones “The Kingsroad” 

Photo Credit: HBO

I remember hearing about Game of Thrones when it was being filmed. I knew of the books because I used to work in publishing. They are revered. I figured HBO was a great place for the series for a number of reasons: their commitment to story, their track record with other great historical series, their passion for great writing, and their ability to attract great acting talent. I can’t say that any of that prepared me. I think this is one of the greatest series they’ve ever done. It draws me in on every level but I think the one element that I’m most invested in (at least right now) is this brewing blood feud between the Starks and the Lannisters. Bring. It. On.

Photo Credit: HBO

Right now it seems that Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister are forging a tentative friendship. Their shared history of shaming their families unite them: Jon is a bastard and Tyrion is a dwarf. Although each brings disgrace upon their families in different ways they are each also “royalty” of a sort. Jon is a Stark, not in name but in blood, and his father Ned rules Winterfell and has just been appointed the Hand of the King. Tyrion’s family served as the Hand of the King for two decades before they became royalty themselves, some say by devious means. In any case, I like the unlikely pairing of these two. I hope it’s a relationship that benefits them both.

It will be interesting to see if the betrothal between Joffrey Baratheon and Sansa Stark comes to pass. Sansa shows an inclination towards become a dutiful wife. She protects Joffrey even though she knows he’s lying and she’s punished for it by the death of her direwolf. Can I just say how much I both loath and enjoy Joffrey? He’s a total mama’s boy but he sure does know how to manipulate both her and his father when he needs to. That boy is going to cause a lot of trouble for a lot of people. Is it weird that I’m glad Arya’s direwolf hurt him? Is it weird that I’m glad Tyrion hurt him? He had it coming; I hope he is maimed for life. And maybe someone can teach him how to be a real man someday. I can’t imagine it will be his father or Jamie Lannister though.

Catelyn Stark thinks the Lannisters are behind the two attempts on Bran’s life. Their loyalty to the crown is already in question but the Starks are cautioned against starting a war with them. They need to know the truth and Cate is willing to go to Kings Landing to discover it. She doesn’t want them to know she’s coming to she elects to travel with the protection of only one man. After seeing the way she protected herself and her son from the attacker sent to kill him, I think Cate will do just fine. She’s a fighter and they’ve threatened one of her children.

Random thought: I do wonder why Cate hates Jon Snow so vehemently. We know Jon’s a bastard who was born after Ned’s marriage to Cate but how is that Jon’s fault? I can’t wait to learn more of that story.

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