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Instant Chemistry: Dr. Megan Hunt and Peter Dunlop on Body of Proof 

Photo Credit: ABC

We’ve all heard the rumors (well, I have so I’m making some assumptions). SPOILER ALERT: Dr. Megan Hunt will be getting a love interest later this season. But I think she already has a love interest: Peter Dunlop. I really like them together. I don’t know how long they’ve been partners but he gets her. It’s always Peter who can talk her down off a ledge or get her to do something she should have thought of herself. He’s the one who gets her to open up and act like a normal human being. He’s the one who sees what she’s going through – with her daughter and on the job – and is there for her. I want Megan and Peter to be together. Not yet, but eventually. I found some photos from the show that give us clues and insight into their budding relationship. Keep reading if you’re rooting for them.

Photo Credit: ABC

Sometimes I’m fascinated by body language experts and what they have to say about couples. So I’m going to deem myself an expert (you don’t have go to school for that do you?) and read into what’s going on here. Peter stands relaxed with his hands in his pockets. That means he’s open. He’s leaning towards Megan and looking more towards her than forward. He’s totally into her. Is she into him? See the photo below.

Photo Credit: ABC

Whereas above Megan is closed off above – arms close together, tight grip on her purse. In this picture she is open. She stands slightly in front of him but looks back to smile at him. She’s totally into him. He’s a bit closed of here though. Look at those slightly crossed arms. He is smiling so there’s definitely hope for her. He’s not too mad but she’s definitely done something to piss him off. Good luck getting her to apologize.

What do you think? Do you see romance in their future?

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