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2011’s Most Memorable Episodes: Parenthood “Nora” 

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“Nora” may be my favorite Parenthood episode of all time for this image alone. Watching Peter Krause‘s Adam Braverman try to “hip it up” is nothing short of genius. In fact, I loved his transformation so much I’ve talked about it before. But that wasn’t the only great thing that happened in this episode.

Photo Credit: NBCÂ

I can’t say Crosby and Kristina have ever had a great relationship. She wasn’t entirely convinced that Adam going into business with his brother was the best idea. And when she finds out Crosby lied to Adam, she’s even less pleased. When Adam pleads with Crosby to bring him his normal clothes after his shopping disaster Kristina and Crosby get into it. Crosby’s mad because Kristina wants to have Dr. Joe as her pediatrician and Kristina’s mad because Crosby’s selfish. Their argument is cut short when Kristina’s water breaks. There’s nothing that brings two people together like the birth of a baby. Of course, it’s Adam who should’ve been in the delivery room with Kristina but she’ll take what she can get. I love that Kristina is in labor and still makes sure Crosby doesn’t look “down there.” And when Max demands that everyone stop making such a fuss about the baby so he can apologize to Jabbar? Such a great moment. With a little focus and some determination Amber can be so effective. And I liked that Amber was finally able to understand the nature of Max’s condition.

Just when things are going so well for Sarah and Mark, John Corbett‘s Seth has to swoop in and cause trouble. Something I will always love about Sarah is her capacity to love and forgive. I have to admire that she takes responsibility for knowing what Seth was like and picking him anyway when she talks to Mark about him. And because she cares so much – and always will – she can see he’s in trouble. Even though I understand his point of view, Zeek came off as overbearing in this episode. I get that he wants to protect his daughter – even now – but he’s got to let her make her own decisions, especially about the father of her children. I’m glad Sarah took Seth’s middle-of-the night call and I’m glad she went to help him. He needed it.

Zoe’s also in trouble in this episode. She’s having premature false labor and Julia takes her to the hospital. When it’s clear no one’s coming to visit, Julia makes up an excuse to stay. And when Julia invites Zoe over for dinner and to spend the night – all without running it by Joel, of course – we can see how much Julia wants someone to be there for Zoe. Zoe sees what a wonderful life and family Julia’s got and she decides Julia can have her baby if she still wants him. But Zoe won’t let Julia hug her after she gives her and Joel the good news; she wants to shake on it. I know she’s trying to keep some emotional distance but doesn’t she know it’s already too late for that?

It’s episodes like this – filled with humor and touching and/or dramatic moments – that make me love this show. Parenthood is well written and well cast. I believe this is a family. I believe they have these problems. I don’t always love everything they go through but I want to watch what happens to them every week.

Random question: Why would Crosby (or anyone) date a woman named Tuff? Yeah, she’s hot but really?

You can catch up on Parenthood at New episodes air starting Tuesday, Jan 3rd at 10/9c.

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