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House of Lies “Veritas” 

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Full disclosure: House of Lies is one of my favorite shows on television right now. Not only do I think the acting talent on this show is impressive, but I like being exposed to a world I know nothing about. Do I need (or want) to know this much detail about what consultants do? No, but I like the way Marty spins his web. In fact, let’s talk about Don Cheadle‘s Marty for a minute. He is one superbly f*cked up individual and I wouldn’t want him any other way.

Marty’s flaming out in both his personal and professional life and he’s taking a lot of casualties down with him. Now, I know he’ll come up with a way to save his job – he’s got at least the rainmaker and Jeannie on his side – so I can’t say I’m worried about that. Monica claims she wants full custody of Roscoe, but I think she’ll lose interest soon enough. Hopefully Marty hiring the rainmaker’s custody guy will scare her off. If not, Marty’s more than ready to take her on and win. The one thing I’m truly worried about is Marty’s mental health when it comes to his mother. He hasn’t dealt with that – at least not in a healthy, mature way – and I’m kind of looking forward to seeing when that situation explodes.

Photo Credit: Showtime

In “Veritas,” we see (or are reminded of) the lengths Marty will go to to save his own ass. I can’t say I’m surprised that Marty sold out potential recruit James. He was really smart in the way he handled that situation, especially since James seems a little too eager and very much like Marty’s heir-apparent for Marty to really want him around. I don’t like the lesson Marty taught him, but as Marty said, “You never ever trust anyone until you know their angle.” So cynical, but in this game you’ve got to look out for yourself first and always.

Photo Credit: Showtime

Jeannie’s facetime with the rainmakers ends in an interesting way. Am I being naive to think Jeannie’s doing him because she has Marty’s back? I mean, she’s definitely doing it partly for herself. But, I also think she cares enough about Marty to want to help him keep his job. And maybe this is the only way she can think of doing that.

Photo Credit: Showtime

Clyde and Doug are up to their usual antics, which I have to admit I enjoy. I really don’t get tired of seeing Clyde make Doug look like a tool. And that’s not to say I don’t like Doug, because he definitely has his charms. But Doug should know better than to ever accept a challenge from Clyde. He technically wins the bet, but his pride is more than a little wounded…and exposed. It will be interesting to see where the pod’s loyalties lie when the sh*t really starts hitting the fan. Will all of Marty’s little ducks fall in line? He’ll need them to if he’s really going to take Skip on.

The only thing I would’ve liked more of in this episode is Currie Graham. He’s always popping up on my favorite shows so I hope we’ll see more of him in the future. He is a partner and with this impending merger, I feel like he’ll be around. At least, I hope he is.

House of Lies airs Sundays at 10/9c on Showtime.

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