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Kara’s 2011 TV Goodness All-Stars: Happy Endings’ Casey Wilson 

Photo Credit: ABC

She. Is. Amahzing. Casey Wilson‘s Penny Hartz is my favorite character on Happy Endings, and yes, I’ve been watching the show since the very beginning. While there were some growing pains during season one, I came to love (and appreciate) this great cast of characters. But there’s something about Penny that touches my heart and my funnybone. She’s got great lines, she’s hilarious at physical comedy, and while she’s a star at work she’s a train wreck with guys. And when she commits – to a look, a guy, a movement (remember when she went hipster?) – she’s in 100 percent.

There was a line she had in the pilot that made me a fan forever. It’s when she’s working out at the gym witht he girls and a blonde in her 20s calls Penny “m’am.” We know how much she hates that word, but the next words out of her mouth made me a fan for life: “I will physically fight you.”

Here’s a random sampling of some great Penny Hartz moments:

Photo Credit: ABC

Casting Megan Mullally as Penny’s mom in “Yesandwitch?” Genius. Making them into a lounge act at a boat show? Genius-er. Can we say now how excited we are to see Megan Mullally back later this season? We love seeing Penny interact with her mom and now we’ve got an idea where she got her strange ideas about men from.

Photo Credit: ABC

Penny is estatic to finally be a part of the popular crowd that she overdoes it a bit in “Baby Seps.” Do you see the onsies she’s holding? She’s deciding which one to wear.  Keep in mind, one says “I pooped.” And that’s when she snaps out of it.

Photo Credit: ABC

I was so proud of Penny when she became a home owner in “Blax, Snake, Home.” To celebrate she themed her housewarming party but bad news made her turn to ice cream. The funniest moment in the episode comes when Penny pulls a pint of ice cream out of her couch. Brilliantly played.


Um, who is this smoking hottie in “Bo Fight?” After Alex and Dave break up, Penny gets recruited to do girl stuff with Alex. Too bad it’s never anything Penny wants to do.


Put Penny and Adam Pally‘s Max Blum in the same room and you have comic gold. Who can pass up the opportunity to be Snooki for Halloween in “Your Couples, Friends & Neighbor?” Not Penny. Or Max.


Not only does Penny have the gayest fake fiance ever in “The Shershow Redemption,” but Casey Wilson also has her best physical comedy bit. As she’s giving her toast to the happy couple, a drunk Penny tips over her podium. Not only that, but she realizes what she’s done as it’s happening and warns the crowd that she’s “going down.” Such a hilarious rewind and repeat moment.

I know I’ve only touched on a handful of Casey Wilson’s great moments but I hope you’ve enjoyed these. What are your favorite scenes or lines? I can’t wait to hear them.

Happy Endings returns Wednesday, January 4th at 9:30/8:30c.

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