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Heather’s 2011 TV Goodness All-Stars: The Vampire Diaries’ Joseph Morgan 

Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW

I’m never a fan of a seasonal big bad, and I’m not even terribly fond of Klaus, but I have to give big props to Joseph Morgan for his supreme sense of swagger as Klaus arrived in season two and carried his master (mwah hah hah) plan into season three, taking our hero Stefan along for the ride. It’s a testament to the actor that although I often watch the show on DVR, his storyline didn’t get fast forwarded because he seemed like an interloper. I wish they’d found another role for him so he could play with the cast indefinitely.

I love that he plays Klaus so casual about being such a bastard. I love that he makes Klaus a very dangerous boy with very serious abandonment issues who is terrified of being alone. I was all over the scene in the fall finale where Klaus finally threw down with Mikael and Morgan chose to play the scene on the edge of tears as a boy desperately in need of his father’s approval and demise in equal measure.

If I may compare him to Robert Downey Jr., it’s a very rare talent where an actor can be unhinged, dangerous, funny, and heartbreaking all in the same scene. I wish him a long and happy career. I’m so glad TVD has given him his U.S. TV debut, and I’m happy to ride out Klaus’s arc for as long as we have Morgan to own the role.

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