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Moment of Goodness

Person of Interest’s Moment of Goodness: Reese Saves Megan “Cura Te Ipsum” 

Photo Credit: CBS

It’s not a stretch to say I’m a fan of a good procedural. And it’s definitely not a stretch to say I’m a huge fan of Person of Interest so far. I like this angle and I’m really connecting with these characters. Reese is so damaged, but he’s trying to redeem himself. Finch was tired of standing idly by so he decides to join this fight. Carter is doing her best to find Reese and keep the streets of New York safe. And tonight Linda Cardellini‘s Megan Tillman just wants justice for her dead sister. She’s not going about it the right way though (according to Finch’s machine) so Reese decides to intervene before she does something she’ll truly regret. I loved this whole storyline but my favorite moment comes when Megan hands her keys to Reese and he squeezes her hand. So emotional, so touching. So well played.

Photo Credit: CBS

Megan, a good doctor who is all about helping people, has also been stalking Andrew Benton. At first we’re not sure why she’s interested in this Wall Street guy considering he carries Rufis in his wallet and has a history of sexual assault. As we learn more about Megan we discover Andrew drugged and raped her sister. She couldn’t live with what he did to her so she took her life. Even though he follows the same patterns – stalking his prey then drugging and attacking them – all the women eventually drop their charges against him. Deeply saddened by her sister’s untimely death Megan makes it her mission to make sure Andrew will never hurt another woman again. But having killed God knows how many people, Reese knows killing this man – or anyone – will take a piece of her soul she’ll never be able to get back. If Megan kills Andrew, she’ll also be killing herself and that’s something Reese just can’t live with.

Perhaps the bigger question, though, is whether or not Reese lets Andrew live. That final scene was so intense. I think more than anyone Reese knows people don’t change. Can’t change. Does someone like Andrew even deserve a second chance? Will knowing someone like Reese is watching make him stop his reprehensible behavior? If you had the power to choose his fate, would you save him or not?

Person of Interest airs Thursdays at 9/8 c.

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