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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: Jennifer Love Hewitt on Law & Order: SVU 

Photo Credit: NBC

This morning I saw a Cheers & Jeers article on about how great a job Jennifer Love Hewitt did on Law & Order: SVU. She played a rape victim that Detective Olivia Benson was trying to help. J-Love’s Vicki Sayers had been raped four times over the course of fifteen years by the same man. So I decided I needed to check the episode out for myself. Law & Order: SVU has always been my favorite L& O. However, in recent years, my SVU watching has been relegated to an every once-in-a-while kind of thing. Possibly if there’s a big guest star playing against type or if something huge happens to Detective Stabler (my favorite character). But I’m so glad I gave last night’s episode a chance. “Behave” was suspenseful and Jennifer Love Hewitt really came through with a wonderful performance. Perhaps the moment that was most engrossing was when she was undergoing a rape kit procedure in the hospital with Benson by her side. While she was getting tested she proceeded to tell Olivia about all the times she had been attacked. I have not seen Hewitt act with such substance and such power in a long time. And it wouldn’t have happened had CBS not canceled Ghost Whisperer in one of last season’s surprise moves. Sometimes a shocker like that can shake things up for the better. Rumor has it JLH is attached to a new sitcom but I’m hoping that she gravitates towards a drama.

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