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Project Runway All Stars: Who Should Be On the Show This Season 

Photo Credit: Lifetime

So we’re a few episodes into the All-Star season and while some designers have blown me away, I’m not nearly as impressed as I want to be with the rest of the All Stars. I understand that maybe some of the designers I expected to see on the show are too busy or not interested in being back on Project Runway. I also understand that when this (or any “reality”) show is “cast,” they’re looking for  the right mix of personalities. All that being said, I’m still disappointed. I think the ultimate All Star season would’ve been for all the past winners to return and see who’s the best of the bunch. Since they’re hopefully all to busy to agree to that, below are some strong designers I think should’ve been on this season.

From season 1: Kara Saun and/or Kevin Johnn

I thought Kara Saun was going to win season 1. She presented such a strong collection at fashion week and had been consistently great thoughout the premiere season, winning four of the challenges. I loved her clothes and would’ve love to see her on the show this season.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Kevin Johnn had his issues – one of them being a crazy model who wore his designs out for a night on the town – but I thought he was a strong designer.

From season 2: Daniel Vosovic and/or Santino Rice

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

The tulip skirt Daniel Vosovic designed during one of the challenges is something I still remember all these years later. He has such a great eye and a talent for design. He is technically already an All-Star winner (remember that special the show did a few years back when they brought some of our favorite designers back together for an All Star challenge?), but I still would’ve loved to see him again.

In addition to being an exciting designer, Santino Rice is a character. I, like Daniel, couldn’t get enough of his Tim impressions. He won four challenges during his season and proved that he had an interesting point of view. He would’ve been so much fun to have on this season and he would have produced great clothes.

From season 3: Michael Knight and/or Uli Herzner

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Michael Knight blew me away during season 3 up until fashion week and then he disappointed me beyond words. I think it was Heidi who said he reverted back to his style before the show – tight and revealing. But with so much talent displayed during the rest of the season I would have loved to see him return to the show one more time. I think he would have made some beautiful, innovative, and interesting clothes.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Talk about a genius with patterned fabrics. Although it may have become a crutch by the end of the season, Uli Herzner was so good with any type of print. She knew what to do with it and make it interesting. She knew how to flatter a woman’s body and I would’ve loved to see how she’s grown as a designer since season 3.

From season 4: Jillian Lewis and/or Chris March

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

I always loved what Jillian Lewis was wearing on the show and thought she had a great eye for structured pieces.

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Chris March had such a big personality and a slightly strange, but always interesting prespective. I love that he came back from an elimination in season 4 and continued on in the competition until fashion week. I might not always get his point of view, but I appreciate his skills.

From season 5: Korto Momolu

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Korto Momolu was never afraid to use color on the runway and that made her memorable. And when she did design in neutrals there was always some detail that made her work stand out. She would’ve been a great addition to this season.

From season 6: Carol Hannah Whitfield

Photo Credit: Lifetime

All I really remember about Carol Hannah Whitfield was she was sweet and made pretty clothes. Every once in a while she’d surprise us with something edgy, but mostly I remember great-looking clothes that a lot of young women would kill to wear.

From season 7: Emillio Sosa

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Emilio Sosa is incredibly talented. I love that he always went with his gut, but I guess I wanted him to be nicer about it. Part of me thinks he should have won season 7, although I did think Seth Aaron was very talented. It would have been nice to see Emilio back on the show for his talent alone, but I’m sure his ego wouldn’t have allowed it.

From season 8: Andy South

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Correct me if I”m wrong, but I remember Andy South as being a designer who mostly worked with black. I think he had a great eye and it was so nice to see him play with color a little during season 8 and a lot more at fashion week. I would have loved to see his aesthetic during this season.

From season 9: Viktor Luna

Photo Credit: Lifetime

I loved Anya, but I think Viktor Luna deserved to win season 9 especially when Anya completely choked at fashion week. I didn’t always love Viktor’s sass (although sometimes I really loved it), but his clothes were always impeccable. It would’ve been very nice to see him giving attitude and creating beautifully made clothes in this workroom.

Who I’m so happy to see again:

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Austin Scarlett

He’s such a great character and so talented with making any kind of gown. It’s nice to see him back in action and I love what he’s shown us so far in this competition.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Jerell Scott

I love his edge although I haven’t loved what he’s done so far this season. I have faith that he’ll produce great clothes and soon I hope I start appreciating them.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Rami Kashou

He is probably the best drapper we’ve ever seen on this show, but he’s looking to break away from that label. I love his meticulous attention to detail and I think he’s a very strong contender in this competition.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Mila Hermanovski

Her style is very edgy, but that’s what I like about this talented designer. We’ve seen her struggle a little so far this season but I like her aesthetic. I hope she can take the judge’s critiques and incoporate them into her designs to keep her in this competition. I know she won’t compromise who she is – and she shouldn’t – but she needs to remember to listen to her clients.

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Mondo Guerra

I love Mondo and we was definitely robbed his season. I do think Gretchen was talented but I think part of the reason I didn’t want her to win was her horrible personality. But back to Mondo. I loved his journey on season 8 of Project Runway. He’s such a huge talent and an interesting guy. I liked his design better than Rami’s in the first challenge of the season and would’ve like to see him win that challenge. I’m just excited to see what Mondo creates this season. He’s talented enough to win it all.

So far I like the new judges (but not the host – she’s pretty but boring) and the challenges. So this format is definitely still working for me; it’s just most of the designers that leave me wanting.

Project Runway All Stars airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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