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Random Thoughts About Covert Affairs “Suffragette City” 

Photo Credit: USA Network

I wanted to wait until I watched this episode before commenting on last week’s excellent “Glass Spider.” Yes, I would’ve preferred to see Annie completely throw caution to the wind and run off with Simon. Why? Because it’s romantic. Because Annie seemed so happy and in love. Because it would’ve made watching them get shot all the more heartbreaking. I do love some drama and it’s aftermath so let’s get right to my random thoughts on “Suffragette City.”

Photo Credit: USA Network
  • I never even considered that Lena was a double agent (maybe I should’ve, but it made that reveal so much more powerful) so I was shocked when she showed up at Annie’s with guns blazing.
  • I guess I’m happy Annie’s subconscious got some closure with Simon, but of course I’m disappointed. I don’t want him to be dead, even though I like that the show is reminding us how dangerous and deadly this world can be. There are always consequences, right?
  • Oh, Auggie. If you didn’t love him before (and we can’t be friends anymore if you didn’t), you’ve got to love him now. Not only does he almost lose his job (on more than one occasion) trying to clear Annie, but to watch him doggedly pursue leads to help clear her name as she lies in that hospital bed makes us realize just how much Annie (and every girl everywhere) needs someone like Auggie in their lives.
  • Lena’s kind of an evil genius. She had to have Annie marked as her patsy from day one. Just the amount of deception, patience, and intelligence needed to try to pull something like this off is kind of impressive. And she almost did it. And how did she get Guerrero’s body out of the house while Auggie was waiting for backup? She’s got skills but she made her move to kill Annie a little too quickly. I feel like if she had been just a little more patient, she would’ve gotten away with it – and that’s a scary thought.
  • The only thing I didn’t like about the episode was that kiss. I know it was Annie’s subconscious and I liked how her projection of Auggie told her it wasn’t their song yet. But can we have a second to mourn Annie and Simon? I love the thought of Annie and Auggie being a couple one day, but I feel like Simon’s body isn’t even cold yet. Why the need to move on so quickly?
  • I’ve always liked Joan and not only did I love the way she let Auggie have access to materials above his pay grade, but I like that she never got along with Lena and now she’s going to do everything in her power to make sure she doesn’t get away. And I’m looking forward to having Joan and Annie back on the same page.
  • I thought the ending was brilliant. To actually kill Annie Walker? Genius. I mean, I know she’ll be revived in the next episode (hello, the previews kind of give that away), but I loved that she “saw the light.” I can’t wait to see how Annie deals with all this once she wakes up.

Covert Affairs airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on USA Network.

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  1. steve

    Very happy that the simon storyline seems to be over now as imho there just wasn\’t any chemistery between simon and annie

  2. Heather M

    I wish I didn’t automatically assume by nature of the casting that Sarah Clarke is going to be the villain, but I thought Lena was sketchy from the jump. I blame 24.

    I read that last scene as her reviving, not seeing the light. Will need to rewatch.

    1. TV Goodness

      It did occur to me that Sarah Clarke might be a villain (yes, I blame 24 as well), but I was like maybe they’re casting her against type.

      I assumed Annie “died” because of that blinding white light, but you might be right about her just waking up. I like the death angle, because I feel like it will really REALLY motivate Annie to go after Lena.

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