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Speculate This: Season Two of Teen Wolf 

Now that season one of Teen Wolf has come to an end, I’d like to look ahead to what might happen next summer. Now, I can’t do that without talking about what I liked or loved (or hated) from this season. Let’s see if we’re all on the same page.

Scott and Allison

Photo Credit: MTV

I really like these two together. I had a very hard time when they broke up and Jackson tried putting the moves on Allison. I just wonder how long their current bliss will last. I still believe Scott’s a wolf. Yes, I know he didn’t turn with the next full moon after the alpha died, but I’m pretty sure the writers will come up with a very good excuse for that. I mean, this really wouldn’t be a show about teen angst/longing/discovery if our main character got “cured,” would it? So, I look forward to seeing Scott learn to control his urges and really embrace the primal side of himself. I think there’s a really good possibility he’ll form some sort of alliance with the Argents, or that’s my hope. And I want to see Allison embrace the legacy of her family and continue her training. I think an alliance between the wolves and the Argents could be so interesting. That would bring all kinds of outside threats down on them. Now, that’s exciting. We’ll see.


Photo Credit: MTV

A while back I said Dylan O’Brien was a bit of an over-actor and that he needed to tone it down a bit. I was wrong. Stiles wouldn’t be the same person if he reacted in a more understated, less freaked out way to everything around him. I like that he’s a spaz and that he’ll do whatever he needs to to get Scott – or Lydia – out of trouble. I love that the alpha made Stiles realize part of him does want everything that goes along with a wolf bite, even though he says he doesn’t. I love that he went for it with Lydia. It didn’t turn out that well but his feelings are out there. I hope Lydia gives him a chance. He deserves it.


Photo Credit: MTV

What a douche. But what would a story like this be without a villain (or villain-in-training) like Jackson. I don’t want to see him become a big bad, but it’s good for Scott to have a rival like Jackson. And I get it (kind of); he just wants to be loved. Well, he’s going about it the wrong way. His relationship with Lydia is disfunctional to say the least. He’s got a heart somewhere in there but it’s hard to see. He’s scared a lot, which is always fun and serves him right. Maybe if he worried less about appearances, he’d be a bit more sympathetic. I loved his guest turn on The Nine Lives of Chloe King. It gave me a peek at his range as an actor and I’d like to see him changed in season 2. I’m not sure how, but maybe less insecure and a bit more caring. One thing I don’t want to see is Derek turn Jackson into a werewolf.


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I was shocked and surprised to find out he’d fallen for Kate six year earlier. It’s nice to see something we don’t usually get from him – which is his human side. It’s just unfortunate that he fell for that crazy bitch. I didn’t like her and I’m glad she’s dead. I do hope he gets a new love interest next season. Maybe a wolf girl? That might be hot. In the meantime, I’m interested to learn more about what an alpha really is and what kind of power it has. More mythology please! We know Derek’s now the pack leader, but what does that mean? How many wolves does he need or want in his pack? Will Scott be his number two or is he still too young and inexperienced for that? What kind of leader will Derek be? Good or bad?

The Parentals

I know this show is on MTV, and therefore mostly for and about the kids but I am interested in the adults as well. I’d love to get some more backstory and even see Scott and Allison’s parents interact. Where is Scott’s dad? If they told us, I’ve already forgotten. I’d love more history on the Argents and maybe even how Allison’s parents met. I don’t need a lot, but I’d like a little more.

What are you hoping to see next season? Is there anyone you’d like to see more of? Less of? Who (or what) else do you think they’ll introduce?

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