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Summer TV Crush: The Guys of USA Network’s Necessary Roughness 

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/USA Network

After watching the second episode of USA Network’s wonderful new series Necessary Roughness (“Anchor Management”), I was inspired to add some of the cast members to TV Goodness’ ever-growing list of Summer TV Crushes. Marc Blucas

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/USA Network

Much like Dr. Dani Santino, I’m crushing on Matty D big time. I’ve always liked Marc Blucas and I think Matthew Donnally is his best role to date. I know, I know, he was was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he didn’t really pop on that show. Now he is big time. As the Hawk’s trainer, Marc oozes confidence. He gets to be smart, flirty and charming. It doesn’t hurt that Blucas’ natural assets include having a sexy smile and gorgeous body. Plus, the chemistry Blucas has with Necessary star Callie Thorne is palpable. The two look great together even as they’re trying not to enter a relationship with each other. How she manages to do that I have no idea. Yup, I don’t blame Dr. Dani for having fantasies about the man.

Mehcad Brooks

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/USA Network

Ever since he was on Desperate Housewives, Mehcad Brooks has been one to watch; but it was his stint on True Blood (as “Eggs”) that really opened my eyes. My Generation was short-lived; thankfully, Brooks found his way onto Necessary Roughness a.s.a.p. As Terrence “T.K.” King, the Hawks’ superstar wide receiver, Mehcad has the whole cocky athlete thing down. However, even as we see him act up in so many ways, at the club, in Dani’s house, on the field, on Twitter, you can’t write this guy off. You see the vulnerability; you see there’s an underlying reason he’s behaving like an arrogant ass; and Brooks makes me want to stick around to figure it all out along with the good doctor. And it goes without saying that Mehcad is a simply stunning individual on every level. Love that he’s on this show.

Scott Cohen

Photo Credit: Justin Stephens/USA Network

As much as I’m digging Marc Blucas and Mehcad Brooks, I also have my eye on the Hawks’ resident mystery man. I don’t know what Nico‘s official title is and I don’t care. I’m just glad Scott Cohen‘s on board. The actor is a TV veteran but he usually plays pretty smarmy characters. Here on Necessary Roughness, Nico could be considered smarmy but it’s because of Cohen that he’s anything but. Maybe it’s the fact that the character is so mysterious that makes him even more sexy, I don’t know. But Cohen’s mighty fine in those suits and with that dangerous vibe. Like with him around, anything can happen. I also happen to think Callie Thorne has a good amount of chemistry with him, so who knows, I wonder if the show will explore a triangle featuring Nico, Dr. Dani and Matt sometime in the future.

The opportunity for even more hotness is plentiful on Necessary Roughness in the form of the show’s guest stars. Body of Proof cutie Nicholas Bishop was the angry anchorman in this week’s episode; and next week, Hellcats alum Matt Barr guests. As much as I am enjoying the show for its character-driven aspects, I have to admit the shallow side of me is plenty satisfied too.

Necessary Roughness airs Wednesdays on USA Network at 10/9C

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