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Reality Fix: The Top 14 Perform on SYTYCD 

Photo Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

I’m finally in my new place (surrounded by dozens of boxes). Now that I have a working television once again, I’ve begun the process of catching up on my shows. Not the easiest task as I’m trying to unpack but I had to set some time aside for SYTYCD. Full disclosure: I missed the last two weeks of the show so I only feel comfortable talking about some of what I saw last night. I’ll try to catch up on what I missed and may or may not weigh in on that. Regardless, lets talk highlights from the Top 14.

Boys vs. Girls

The judges are really playing this angle up. I do think the girls are stronger that the guys this season but I’ve seen some great (and not so great) stuff from both groups. But in terms of the two group numbers we saw last night, I would give the edge to the girls. It was strange and interesting and wonderful. I thought the guys piece was incredibly strong but I couldn’t look away from the number the girls did. They are all so good!

Couples Dances

My two favorite numbers were the last two of the night: Ryan and Ricky performing the Chucky Klapow Jazz piece and Caitlyn and Mitchell performing the Mandy Moore Contemporary piece.

I could not look away during the Jazz number. I was trying to multitask during the show and I had to stop what I was doing. I didn’t want to take my eyes off them. I like this pairing and I love Ryan. She is one of my favorite dancers this season. I hope she sticks around until the end because I want to see what else she’s capable of.

Mostly I’m a fan of Mandy Moore’s pieces and tonight she proved once again that she’s a great choreographer. My only criticism would be perhaps there were a few too many lifts, but I really loved the piece overall. I can’t believe Mitchell is injured. If this is how he dances injured, he must be truly amazing when he’s healthy. And Caitlyn keeps surprising me.

What did you think? Who were your favorites from last night? Who do you think deserves to go home? I’ll be watching tonight to see who stays and who goes.

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