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Moment of Goodness

Moment of Goodness: A Romantic Renewal, White Collar “Veiled Threat” 

Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke/USA Network

This week’s White Collar was so good with Peter Burke having to go undercover to catch a black widow played by none other than the always fierce and beautiful Mädchen Amick. It was great getting to, once again, see Peter out of his comfort zone. He tangoed! Kudos to Tim DeKay (and Amick) for giving us such a sexy tango. As much as I love how in control the FBI agent is, I also love it when he’s forced to improvise. He’s a smooth talker when he wants to be and he’s endearingly insecure when he wants to be too. But all that quality time he spent flirting with Selena Thomas, the alleged serial killer, wasn’t doing his relationship with his wife any good. Eli’s definitely secure in her marriage but I did love how she weaseled her way into the case by posing as Peter and Selena’s wedding planner. Have I mentioned how much I adore Tiffani Thiessen’s Elizabeth Burke? Anytime the writers can wrench Elizabeth into the action is a good thing.

Photo Credit: USA Network

The Moment of Goodness came at the very end of the episode, after Selena and her partner (played by Jonathan Silverman) had been nabbed for the murders. Peter realized he had some making up to do and during the case he had found out his wife had always wanted a small, intimate wedding, with just the two of them. Apparently their nuptials ballooned into something bigger. So what did Peter do when it turned out they had all the makings for a wedding but no bride and groom? He got down on one knee and asked Elizabeth to marry him…again. Neal was the witness; and an ordained Mozzie married the cute couple:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of…Suit and Mrs. Suit, once again.

The moment was simple and beautiful and was a great way to reinforce one of the best relationships on TV.

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