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Postscript: Human Target 

Photo Credit: FOX

FOX officially cancelled Human Target last night, which is a real drag because the show had found its footing in a second season that saw significant tinkering behind the scenes and in front of the camera while still retaining all the whimsy that made its first season so awesome. That’s almost never done, at least not on shows I liked as much as Human Target. I’m grateful we got a second season, and got all of the episodes on the air. I’m super tentative when it comes to watching FOX. See: Tru Calling, Still Life, Harsh Realm, etc…so I was happy that my gamble on Human Target paid off.

The cast and producers were hopeful for a third season when they participated in WonderCon last month. I wish all of them the very best in their next endeavors and am so grateful for the joy we got from two seasons. To Jonathan E. Steinberg, Matt Miller, Mark Valley, Chi McBride, Jackie Earle Haley, Indira Varma, Janet Montgomery, and the entire cast and crew–y’all crafted a clever, funny, and dare I say, sweet heist show and I enjoyed every minute. Thank you.

Thanks so much y’all, for reading our recaps. A handful of season two’s episodes are still available online and the DVDs should be released later this year. The first season is available on DVD now.

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